Something about Special Order!

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  1. I'd like to special order a 30 or 35 EPI speedy in Myrtille, so I enquiry LV tonite, but the answer is NO! They said they will not accept any special order of EPI leather. Too bad! :Push:
  2. that is not good.
  3. Maybe it's more difficult with Epi Leather?
  4. hmm.. is that just for speedy or all bags? I am pretty sure they do epi for other bags, i saw someone with an epi ellipse! (unless it is fake!)
  5. did they ever take speacial orders in for the myrtille ?
  6. Maybe it's just for that colour too, is it still in production ?
  7. The SA haven't explain it to me...maybe just for Speedy.:idea:
  8. they not make the EPI speedy in Myrtille?
    cause...they make the EPI speedy, and Myrtille I think is still around...

    what's wrong with them? ( maybe its beacuse you asked for a 35, they don't do the 35)

    and they're lying I've seen Mountsouris Backpacks in EPI, trouville, Deauvilles..Loopings...I thought they were supposed to advertise special orderes what happened?

  9. They make an Epi Speedy 25 in myrtle but not the 30. I have no idea why. Kyliereese just had the 25 in myrtle a few days ago.
  10. It might just be that they don't do the speedy 35 in Epi b/c I have definitely seen special order Epi bags (ie. Looping)
  11. I asked for Speedy 30 or 35! :nuts:
  12. That is odd. I wonder what the reason is that they won't make the myrtille. Is it discontinued? I know that the new epi styles are only made in red and black epi like the Vivienne and Passy. I have several special order pieces, but they are in black epi.