Something About Mary...I'm soo juvenile!!

  1. Ok, so it was on tonite and I hadn't seen it since it was in the theaters and I have CRS (can't remember sh*t). I'm sorry, but the scenes where he has the "zipper accident" just crack me up. Just the expression on my husband's face kills me. I'm 41 going on 5!
  2. I watched this the other night too! That scene is awesome! I love the "hair gel" incident the most! That is the most memorable part of the movie for me! I heard that she almost did not do this film b/c of that scene. She was afraid it may ruin her reputation.
  3. agree, this movie is hilarious!!!! and i always laugh too seeing the very pearly white teeth of matt dillon LOL
  4. I LOVE this film. its one of my faves. It always makes me laugh and cheers me up.
  5. ^ agreed! Always feel better after watching this movie. It is such fun!
  6. I LOVE this movie! Especially the part where she slicks the "hair gel" into her hair lmao!!
  7. You're not's a fantastic movie!
  8. It is really good. I saw it in the theatres w/ my Mom (weird I know) & we laughed HYSTERICALLY.

    I enjoy Magda & the Hitchhiker who says thing like "I'm going to invent 7 minute Abs" & "what are these seats made out of? Cactus?".

    Very funny!

    And of course: "Franks & Beans, Franks & Beans". "Has anybody seen my baseball?"
  9. I know, I was reciting the movie to my friend last nite and I had her rolling. We had a kid's movie nite at her house where we put up a sheet on the side of their house and played "Bridge to Teribithia" on a projector. We decided we are going to do that w/out the kids and watch "Something about Mary".
  10. I actually worked with a lady we called Magda behind her back because of her tan and freakishness. Also I almost killed my boss's dog once and I immediately thought of the scene where he shocks the dog back to life!
  11. Such a great movie! I actually have some of the soundclips from this movie on my phone to use as a text alert/phone ringtone. hehe!
    Has anybody watched the audio commentry? Well worth watching it if your a fan.

  12. Hahaha I saw this in the theater when it came out. I haven't seen it in years. I laughed so much during this one!