Something about FOS that irks me!

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  1. Okay, first off, I do have a soft spot for Coach bags, it was the first "high end" bag I ever bought. I still have several.

    That said...Does Coach think we're all idiots? I'm browsing the Factory Online Sale and they have items priced thusly: Original $298 Now $298 Price after 50 percent discount..... I know it is just a template but come on, just price it for what you want for it, stop with the "extra discount" game.

    Then there are the made for factory bags that were supposedly priced exactly like a retail bag - even the photos of some of them show that they're cheaper-made bags.

    Sorry to rant but it just bugs me when retailers play games.
  2. Welcome to Coach math! Drinks are over there.
  3. I think Coach stopped doing that for a while in stores and sales dropped. People like to think they're getting a deal!
  4. It may bother you when retailers play games, but as long as it works, they will continue doing it. Look at what happened to Penney's when they decided to do away with coupons, specials, and sales, and just have "honest" pricing. People like to feel like they are getting a deal, and there is no urgency to buy something if it is regular priced.