Something a little different here

  1. Just a wondering what everyone would say...

    Many times I sit back and read the threads and say to myself, "nice looking bag, hot bag, great combination(s), lucky find", but I just couldn't bring myself to buy that same bag. It is like I appreciate it or adore it or even look at it alot, but could never own it.

    So, what bag or combination might that be for you?
  2. For me, I love the look of vert anis bags, but the color is terrible for me so I could never own it. But I just love it on everyone else!
  3. Oddly enough, the JPG Birkin.

    I absolutely, utterly, without question, LOVE that bag. When I first started questing for my first Hermes bag, it was my grail! I sought it out, and sought it out... even almost bought it from resellers, I was getting so desperate :wtf:

    So I put my name on the waiting list and as I got deeper into it, found out it wasn't really... me. I ended up with a very similiar version of what I had wanted only in a classic 35cm, and was very happy.

    THEN, FROM OUT OF THE BLUE, I got the call. She was available! The twin to Ms B, waiting for me at the boutique!

    But I didn't go. I thanked her a million times over, and hung up. And oddly, didn't feel as though I missed out.

    I am glad I didn't rush in and get her. As much as I love the JPG, she isn't me. I look at it like art on the wall of a museum... I can enjoy looking without having to posses.

    At least, not this year... maybe next year I'll post in the "What eventually grew on you" thread!! :push:
  4. For me....croc bags. Maybe it's just because I can't afford them, but actually I think it's because it would be so impractical with my lifestyle.

    I think they are GORGEOUS and I really oooohh and aaaaah over them, but I doubt I'd ever own one - even if I hate the extra cash lying around.
  5. GREAT question, KB!!!!!

    For me it has to be Ostrich. I LOVE it when I see it being carried by someone else or sitting on the shelf in the store......but that's as far as I ever get. Something about those dots all over the place make me think of nipples (don't flame me!) especially in light-colored bags! :push:

    Funny thing is, I LOVE my chocolate Ostrich Bern. :shrugs:
  6. Good thread, Kellybag. I don't think the JPG Birkin would look good on me, either. But, the women here look stunning carrying theirs. Some of the tri-color Birkin combos, I wouldn't like on myself, but on others, they look interesting. The shearling Kelly...not for me personally.
  7. Oh Donna do we really have to go over this 'ostrich' thing again??!! And you say you love my bag!!! LOL j/k - for me it's also the JPG - I just know it would work for me - size/shape - and the shoulder bags - love them but just don't wear shoulder bags any longer (in my older age lol!)...
  8. For me its the plume.. i love to see pictures of others carrying this bag.... but i know i cant pull it off!!
  9. Exotics. They are beautiful, I just don't think I could pull them off. I'm more of a casual Clemence/Togo kind of person.

  10. ....I love your ostrich bag, SHOES! I DO! I really DO! :yes:
  11. LOL Shopmom.

    What about color and leather combinations? Anyone just can't seem to buy something, but love to see other people purchase it. (like admiration from a distance)
  12. Some shapes work well with me, others don't. I've carried bags similar in shape to the bolide and they don't work for me. I can't recall the number of hours I've spent looking the 'ode to the bolide' thread though....

    I'm also kind of scared of exotics - it's a look I'll never be able to pull off!

    I like squarer shaped hand/shoulder bags like the plume.

    Colors - I love, love seeing bright colors on others but the only 'bright' colors I'm able to handle are the dark reds.
  13. well thanks for killing ostrich for me lol I don't think i can look at it again without thinking nipples lol. At least thats good for my wallet (which would have been ostrich had i not read that lol)

    anyway, the plume was alway meh to me its just a box really then i saw some of the pics here and im falling deeper, if i ever got anything it would be the luggage, i saw some at the sale that was totally hot but i could check in lv let alone H luggage.
  14. :noggin:
  15. anything rose dragee.....i absolutely adore that color, but simply cannot be trusted with it.

    i can covet from afar, though :smile: