Somerset tote - your opinions please!

  1. I want a tote for the winter and I saw the Somerset tote when I was at the factory shop. I've been thinking of a Bayswater but I really like the shape of the tote.
    I just couldn't decide and was worried the straps weren't long enough for the bag to sit comfortably on my shoulder.
    Does anyone have the tote? If so, what do you think of it??
  2. Hi sarajane

    I like the style of this one - although I have only seen pictures of it - no experience of it in the flesh.

    I have to say though, that it does look as if there isn't much of a gap at the top, for it to sit easily on the shoulder, especially if wearing a coat? Did you get a chance to try it on in the shop? Also, what did you think of the leather - I'm not familiar with that type?
  3. The leather was lovely, smooth, but didn't feel as chunky as on the Roxanne, Annie etc.
    I really like the shape but the bag sat really high up under my arm. I think I would get away with it over a jumper but not over a coat with my chunky arms!
    Just wish Mulberry would make their straps a bit longer, we're not all size 6!!
  4. Does this one have a top closure? I like the looks of it except in my experience with totes, they do not have a top closure. So with that said, you want the Somerset Tote for winter, won't you worry about the rain getting into your stuff?
  5. it sort of sags down when its full leaving more more for your arms / shoulders ( doesn't sound very complimentary but true !!). closes with a zip across the top . I love it , quite spacious inside .
  6. You could always buy a longer strap as they can be removed , just an idea , if your not happy .
  7. Great info, thanks so much. I didn't realise the straps were removable. I could do with them a couple of inches longer especially in the winter over a jacket.
  8. the one i have here does so i assume they all do , but this isn't necessarily true !! Would ask Mulberry .

  9. I'm going to call them tomorrow because I'm really interested in the Somerset but the ad picture on the website just doesn't look like the actual bag they are selling online.
    Does the ad pic one look like yours?? It's the bag hanging from the girl's arm - she has a smaller one over her shoulder. I have scoured the site and can only presume it is the Somerset tote. What do you think?
  10. I checked the catalogue, and the bag shown in the pic is called the shopper, not the tote. The medium sized bag in the picture is called the hobo, it's not yet on the website and should be released mid-september (according to my SA, I asked about it last week). The smaller one is the shoulder bag. The straps are removable from the smaller bags (satchel, shoulder etc) but I don't remember if they are from the shopper & the tote.
  11. Vicky - thanks for the cracking info! Now I know the one I've got my eye on is the hobo, thanks. I'm fairly sure the straps on the tote weren't removable and it was a tight fit on my arm, think I'll wait and see if the hobo pops up in the factory shop.
  12. Yep, the hobo looks like the perfect size - I can't wait to see it irl! Love the removable strap, it would be even better if Mulberry did sell extra straps in different sizes, but sadly they don't. (I've asked that question many times, and they stubbornly refuse to let me "alter the design") I guess the solution would be to own mulberry bags with all the different strap lengths, and to change straps between them... I would have loved the Somerset hobo with a leather strap!
  13. Update: I went to my Mulberry store this afternoon and saw the hobo & the shoulderbag irl - they were gorgeous and the leather was tdf! The shoulderstraps (on both) were short and not adjustable, so they are shoulderbags only. The somerset satchel (with flap, from the pre-fall collection) does have an adjustable strap and can be worn as a cross-body bag also. The shoulderbag was appr. the same size as a brooke, the hobo was quite big & roomy.
  14. Oooh this is helpful to read, I cant wait to get the somerset shopper, I love it!!!!!!
  15. I have the Somerset tote in oak and I love it. I can fit on my arm now, with summer clothes, but I think it is going to be difficult in winter wearing a coat.
    Anyway, tomorrow I will try to get some pics of me wearing the bag and post them in order to help you.