Somerset Tote - Photos Anyone?

  1. Hi Everyone

    I have just been looking through the notices regarding fake bags on the other thread & it has got me wondering whether my Somerset Oak Tote bag is genuine.

    Has anyone got any photos of their genuine Somerset Oak for comparison?

    This would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks again

  2. Hi -Did you buy your bag from eBay?
  3. Hi

    Yes I bought the bag on eBay approx 2 months ago. It contained a receit from House of Fraser at Bluewater & I phoned them. One of the sales assistants was very helpful & got a bag from display for comparison. She went through various details with me (including details on the stitching, the lining etc) & everything seemed to tally. She could also confirm that the assistant's name on the receipt was genuine as she knows the girl personally.

    The thing that has concerned me is that on the other threat relating to fake bags, there is a photo of a Somerset tote which looks very like the one that I have purchased, but then again when I have looked on the Mulberry website - they all look identical.

    What do you think?

    Your help is very much appreciated

    Have I been "had"?!!

  4. Hi-Gosh can`t remember the name of this seller but will look her up but I put an offer in on this bag £175.00 and she refused my offer saying that she couldn`t afford to accept as she would be losing to much.
    As you have receipt and this can be traced back it all sounds good to me.
    But If you are still unhappy then you could always take your bag to any mulberry store and they will happily look at your bag for you.
  5. Is the receipt the original or copy of original?
    Perhaps you could post the eBay item number in the authenticity thread and see whether someone can confirm for you?