Somerset tote and bayswater

  1. Hi everyone,

    I seem to have fallen in lovewith the somerset tote bag, does anyone have it? I could use an idea for size etc, also how large is the bayswater? Does anyone have any modelling pictures etc?

    Edit; also, how much cheaper on average do outlets sell things for? I could use a filofax! Does anyone know if there are any in the North West?

    Thank you =) Sorry for all the questions.
  2. bayswater is big you can get loads in it. Its like a mary poppins i even lose things in there i check one sec nothing then double check and they are there
  3. jenz -
    check out the "catwalk" thread at the beginning of the Mulbery Forum for pics of people w/their Bays.....
  4. :tup:The purple is gorgeous, and I'm the same height as you, thanks for referring me :smile:
  5. I too love the somerset tote. On it gives the dimensions, so you could always cut out a template??
    I'm pining for one in black and want to try to hold out for my birthday in July as I have bought 6 Mulberrys in the last 6 months, so now on a bag ban!!
  6. lol share the wealth!! What bag's do you have? I'm pining for one in black too. Very good idea about the template, i'm drawing it now!!
  7. Hi, 2 Ledburys choc and pink, oak Phoebe, Choc and oak Annie, E/W bayswater in Indigo and magenta Hanover...have definately got the bug!! (but no black bag)!!!
  8. The pheobe is gorgeous, but discontinued, I've found a couple on eBay but I'll have to post them in the authenticate this thread. I've got a feeling I'll be catching the bug soon, I may head down to cheshire oaks outlet, it's only 50 miles away. :yahoo:
  9. you can ring the outlets and they will post for £7.50..
    I got mine from the Bath outlet in Nov for £298..
  10. I had no idea they'd post, that's fantastic,
    thank you :smile:
  11. Hi

    I have the Somerset tote in oak & black & also the Bayswater in darwin leather & a softer leather in black. I find the Somersets are softer in design, but they do hold their shape very well & if like me you carry bricks in your bag (only joking - the equivalent in weight!) it takes loads of stuff. The Bayswater is lightly deeper and I would say more secure, if this bothers you as it is closed by use of a flap & the usual postman's lock. The Somerset is a magnetic clasp with holds both sides of the bag together. I would say that the Bayswater is a slightly more "business like" looking bag than the Somerset - depending on the look you are going for.

    Hope that this helps.