Somerset Satchel Bag - Help Needed !

  1. Hi all . I love the Mulberry Somerset Satchel that is featured on the mulberry website but has any of you got one ? Any chance of pictures of the inside or being worn not sure if it definately sits on the hip ? I normally go for seth style bags with the zip on the top, this is flap style with magnetic hidden clasps - not too old fashoined due you think? Its under aut/winter 07 not under messenger bags if you look for it on the site . I think i need handbag related rehab !!!!!
  2. Hi Norfolkbagqueen and welcome to the Mulberry madness. I haven't seen the somerset satchel in real life so not much help but I'll be going to Mulberry store next Friday in London and will be looking at the messenger bags then so will give you an update if you want. Where in Norfolk are you. I grew up there!
  3. Thank you Jo, that will be great ! Im in east anglia, thank you for your reply x
  4. Where abouts in east anglia , I`m in norwich ?????????
  5. WOW YES ! Im in Norwich too ! :balloon: Ha, what a laugh eh?!....lovely to meet you though x :woohoo: What gorgeous bag have you recently purchased, anything lush ? Still no reply regarding my query on the somerset satchel - im desperate to know what the inside is like, roomy/pockets etc, whats your thoughts on this bag ?
  6. Hi there ,wow you are also in norwich , have you been into Hof chapelfield and had a look at the Mulberry sale yet??

    The somerset satchel is a lovely satchel bag large main compartment with smaller 2 front compartments , no zips just flap over style .
    Its quite large and is great if you can carry it off (so to speak) not a good look if you are tiny!!
  7. Yep, went in today actually ! No, didnt see the one you mentioned, tried on the seth (large one with little pocket on the front, zip top) but kept umming and arrring and decided nope, little on the large side. Some times a little hard to concentrate on looking when you get five or six girls rushing at you thinking of their bonuses and targets to meet and to try and over help you ha lol !!!! :lol: Also went into john lewis but they only had one messenger style, wasnt impressed ! Gonna order online i think.
  8. hey- I grew up near Norwich- went to school in Hethersett!!!! Love Norfolk!
  9. Hi girls - There seems to be a theme here - Counties!!! I must admit to neither seeing the Somerset satchel or having had the pleasure of visiting Norfolk but maybe someday.

    However, l do love the Turkeys that come from Norfolk, especially this time of year!!!!

  10. You wouldn`t if you had seen what its like on their farms, in fact probably would never eat another one in your life,don`t know how he gets away with it !!

  11. Do you know I actually got them to order me one in (mulberry HoF) somerset tote bag , then when it came ,tried it out decided it wasn`t for me , then changed my mind and told them I wanted a Purple Patent Mabel which they then got for me and then returned to shop and told them that actually i`D changed my mind again and was going to buy a antiqued purple Mabel and I could get it for 30% less at shepton Mallet !!
    She said that she had their number and she would ring them up for me so I could order it from their shop,what about that for customer services !!
    I know them all quite well now and they probably dread me going in but they are all incredibly sweet and go out of their way to help..
  12. Wow brilliant service ! Nice when they get to know you isnt it x Not too sure about the patents for myself but they look gorgeous on other people and i think the purple is so eyecatching . P.S .....i do love my turkey at christmas too but yes, lets not go there regarding the farm ha !!!!!! (yuk!). :yucky:
  13. N B Q - Just being really Nosey what Mulberry bags do you have or are you changing over from another Brand???
  14. Which school ??

    I bet you don`t have a Norfolk accent :p
  15. The boarding school ( dad was in RAF) - er- no I don't have a Norfolk accent!!:shame: