Somerset hobo hardware--silver or brass?

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  1. Has anyone seen the hobo with silver hardware on the oak?

    Do you like it ?

    Thought it was brass with oak but Mulberry tell me though the website looks brass it is silver!
  2. Hi, don't remember seeing the silver - but the chocolate has brass.
    I don't want to put you off but please double check where the handle is stitched on. I took mine back because you could see glue/non dyed leather and it didn't look nice!! Perhaps I was just unlucky. I exchanged it for an e/w bays. I posted a thread about it.

  3. Thankyou I will check. Do you think Mulberry website wrong again!!!!!
  4. ive got the oak purse with silver and i LOVE it! x
  5. I've got the oak small purse with silver hardware - much prefer the silver tbh. My anthony special is oak with silver hardware too and it is a really good match .....I'm not a fan of the duller bronze finish hardware , much prefer the gold or the silver

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  6. ^^ lovely items ltd....but then i am a sucker for oak!

  7. Thanks for the pics very kind of you to take the trouble. Silver does look good I must admit ,so it is out there----all is forgiven at Mulberry :smile:
  8. No trouble at all taking the pics - I ermm had them on file already , I'm currently doing a research project on Mulberry .....:graucho:
  9. ^^ :lol::lol::lol:
  10. Where did you get the purse with silver--Mulberry web shows brass ?

    Love the Anthony, I have three little beauties:smile: