Someone's selling "Patina Oil"

  1. The worst part is they're selling a guide for suspended users on how to get back on eBay! insaaane
  2. interesting... kinda scary, but interesting...
  3. Not sure about it but it will treat the leather for sure
  4. hmmm....very strange....:s
  5. ROLTFL!

    the sub heading on the ebay page reads "INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR HANDBAGS INSTANTLY".
  6. Ebay needs to get on top of things! :wtf:
  7. reported it.... anyone else?
  8. Is this similar to 'snake oil *' sounds like it to me.

    *as in snake oil salesman
  9. What the hell??
  10. what the heck is that all about!?
  11. My thoughts exactly! I just saw this auction myself...made me want to :sick:.
    She already has negative feedback for selling fakes too! Shut her down!
  12. hyak
  13. Obviously some sort of oil to help the fakes get patina on them - awful!
  14. Well... I wouldn't buy it from EBAY... You can have the boutique do that service and you will know it's legitimate.