Someone's happy...,-))))))))))

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  1. Hey guys and girls...

    A couple of weeks ago i started a thread about whether r not i should buy the roxanne tote...on monday while i was in london i went to the store to buy the bag but...:smile:

    while i was in the store sth else in oak caught my eye...the large bayswater!!!

    I don't know why but i tried on both bags and the bayswater just felt right...:smile:

    ok now the crazy thing thing is that have a picadilly in chocolate and i feel a bit guilty for buying a similar bag but it was what i wanted..and plus i can wear the new bag over the shoulder because for a guy like me it's difficult to fit the picadilly over the shoulder...

    my mother told me not to feel bad since this shape is better than roxanne(any objections please refer to my mom..:shrugs:) and that i use the picadilly anyways as luggage...

    so now i'm happy...please share my joy and help remove all my guilts...:yahoo:

    cheers everyone

    P.S I used it today for university with my laptop and sketching paper inside and it was great...:yahoo:

    P.S Photos to come one of these days
  2. That's great, congrats! Post modelling pics if you get the chace :yes:
  3. I think you made the right choice. Large Bays is a great bag, a real classic, that will last a lifetime.
  4. I love my large Bays , congrats and piccies please . What colour did you get ?
  5. Oh that's great and I don't think you should feel bad for buying a similar bag to one you already have - most of us have the same bag in different colours.

    I think this bag sounds perfect for you.
  6. Well done, congratulations on your purchase, you can't go wrong with a large Bays!

    I own a a4 Roxy and love it, and also have smaller bays which I love, at the end of the day you choose the one you'll get the most wear out of, and big bays had your name on it, congratulations!
  7. You already love your Picadilly, so why not! Congrats :P
    Looking forward to the pics - perhaps Picadilly & Large bays in each hand!?
  8. Fab- you know when a bag is right!!! well done and what a great Mum!!
  9. Congratulations and no worries, there are several of us who have (almost) the same bag in different colours!
  10. The Bays seems to be working well for you, so you chose the right bag. Would love to see pics of both your choc and oak.

  11. Congratulations and I think you made a great choice! Stunning bag :tup:

    Would love to see some pics when you can
  12. Sounds like you got the perfect bag for you, if your using it and loving it then that's great!
    Congrats to you and well done mum!
  13. hey guys and girls
    thank you very much for your made me feel so good...
    due to some personal problems i wasn't able to log in but now everything's fine(?) and i'm back...:P

    so as promised some photos...this is how i went to the university today...on my other thread about the roxanne a girl told me that i'm gonna be the first mulberry guy on the thread...i can't believe there are no more guys here...c'mon show us what you got

    p.s sorry about the quality of the photos but it's from my laptop...destroyed my camera over christmas...:faint:

    p.s.2 as a reference for the size I'm 181 78kg...

    p.s.3 everyday i love this bag more and more...:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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  14. Hey, this is unfair lol
    You are carrying that bag better than most of us ladies ;)

    Seriously, what a fab bag for your pc and sketchings, you are rocking it for sure!!
  15. über cool! :supacool:
    my DH uses some Mulberry as well but I don't think he can pull Large Bay as you do!