someone's gotta buy this pewter weekender

  1. wow, i can't believe that nobody's responded yet (?)...poor little pewter weekender, all alone in far away hong kong :sad:
  2. oh... gorgeous!!!! but i already have the exact same one.. hehee
  3. aaallabama, you should go for it.;)
    the pewter is a really amazing color and by far my favorite. and, you're already heard all the downsides of the metallic bags so there won't be any surprises! :P
  4. It is Gorgeous! :biggrin::flowers:
    Go for it aaallabama!
  5. Sweeeeet
  6. Go for it A, it's gorgeous!
  7. bama, girl! this beauty is calling your name!!!! :love: please get her-she's tooooo gorgeous to pass up!
  8. oh geez, you girls aren't helping me one little bit :Push: ...i'd love it if i were a little taller or the bag was a little smaller...but the weekenders really look humongo on me & i've already got one of these silly bags sitting on my shelf :P
  9. oh god, i wish i had money to spare right now. I love this bag, darn darn darn.
  10. lol, i wish i had the $$$ & was about 4 inches taller (which is an even bigger problem :P )...i swear, this bag kept me up all night on friday :shocked: ...and i kept thinking about it all day yesterday too...i just want it to go away so i don't have to look at it anymore...someone please buy that darn bag!!!
  11. hey A, what color is sitting on your shelf? weekenders are not silly bags!!!:cool: :cool: :cool:
  12. awe, i meant silly as a term of endearment chaussure-girl :love:...the weekender is one of my favorite styles too, i'm just too little to pull them off very well (which is killing me!!!)...i've got an ink weekender that i adore, but i haven't used her yet :smile:
  13. OH my god, you have an ink Weekender! So Jealouso! I'm sure it's beautiful.
  14. that's so sweet kahk3000, my ink is a really pretty bag :yes:...i'm so in :heart: with the weekender style...i just wish i was a little taller so they'd look better on me...i got my ink mainly for trips on planes, trains & automobiles (lol!!!)...but haven't been able to get away yet this year...for some reason i'm just drawn to these bags, even though they make me look like a munchkin :P