Someone's gonna fall for this...

  1. Sure wont be me:roflmfao:
  2. I think it's always dangerous to buy high ticket items from people who have virtually no ebay history. Even if everything looks right--these days, you don't know if it's actually their own photos or if you're going to receive what's in the photos. The only way you can be reasonably certain of that is if the person has a track record of doing so.
  3. LOL...look at the other Klassy items she has to offer...yikes!!!
  4. Would people really fall for that? It looks like baby vomit. :sick:
  5. 20% restocking fee too. Absolutely amazing, the nerve of some people. No wonder I absolutely HATE ebay. They only care about their bottom line.
  6. I think people are falsely reassured when they see a receipt, fake or not. Also with the tons of fake B-bags listed, very few I've seen have the fake receipt along with it. If people don't do a little homework, they are going to get taken. Frankly, I don't feel sorry for people who buy a $100 Balenciaga from China & are upset that it's fake. :rolleyes:
  7. the things people get away with these days :yucky:
  8. seriously- so gross! no receipt looks like that! its like MONSTER sized!
  9. lots of bea-u-ti-ful lingerie too...

  10. Seems the fact receipts have that barcode thingie at the bottom, I have noticed it before.....ugh.
  11. Make that FAKE receipts...