someone with a graffiti please help!

  1. STAY AWAY!!
    private feedback :sad:
    that bag should be at least 800+ US not 350$ ...
  2. still, this bag has been embossed and I wonder if LV would ever emboss a fake?
  3. The seller only has 2 feedbacks (goofbay)
    very fishy, big chance the buyer will not receive the bag in the picture. He doesn't mention anything about the heat stamp
    and this bag isn't cheap to get, no one will sell it for that price. I guess stay clear.
  4. Bag pictured may be authentic...but I wouldn't buy from this seller. In addition to private feedback, they are new to ebay. Photos could've easily been stolen too.
  5. Yeah..I just bought a graffiti pochette which I'll be receiving this week. As for that seller, I'd probably want to mention that heat stamp if I were the seller...and the hole that holds the lock looks pretty big. Also, the graffiti is pretty chipped. I don't know..I'm going to say no on this one. I just don't know about that seller.
  6. Looks so authentic....but beware....