Someone who's French please help me ! thanks

  1. Hi, please could someone who's french help me. I want to ask a question about a bag on french Ebay. Could someone please translate this into accurate french for me ?. Thanks in adavance :flowers:

    "Hello, Could you please send me some more pics of the bags interior and exterior and also any marks or rips that are on the bag. Thankyou"
  2. I used an online translator:

    Bonjour, Pourriez vous envoyez-moi s'il vous plaît certains plus de photos de l'intérieur de sacs et de l'extérieur et aussi n'importe quelles marques ou accrocs qui sont sur le sac. Merci
  3. thankyou so much but did you use Free Translation and Professional Translation Services from SDL International because I used this site and 5 others and it still wasnt correct when you put it back through its not correct :sad:
  4. yeah when you put it back though for french to English it comes up as :

    "Hello, can send you me please certain more of photos of the interior of bags and exterior one and so any brands or tears that are on the bag. Thank-you"
  5. OMG that site is actually good. Thankyou so much :flowers: . The site I have been using was awful lol. Thanks again :nuts:
  6. Yeah-it took me a long time to find a site that was good-LOL! Now, if you win the bag-you have to show me. :biggrin:
  7. haha lol I will ;)
  8. fyi, things don't always translate word for word between french/english and english/french

  9. "Bonjour, pourriez vous m'envoyer quelques photos supplémentaires de l' interieur et extérieur du sac, ainsi que des tâches ou accrocs présents sur le sac. Merci"
  10. thankyou everyone you are stars ! :smile: