~ Someone was flirting my with baggy today! LOL! ~

  1. Okay, this is hilarious... Today I went to this huge 3-story shoe store to look (yeah right) at their collection. Of course it didn't stay that way as I found a lovely pair that just suited my needs...

    With my baggy pm on my shoulder and baby in his stroller in tow, I approach an SA to ask for the left shoe to try on. She was very sweet and told me to take a seat. She then noticed my baggy and immediately made "eye contact" with her :graucho:....

    So she gets back with a brand new non-display pair, and as I get up from my seat and walk over to her she motions me to sit back down again next to my baggy while saying "oh no no, you just sit down there and I'll hand them over to you" while totally eyeing my baggy from the corner of her eyes...:sneaky:

    After trying them on and deciding to purchase them, the SA took the shoes and said that I could take the elevator to meet her at the cash desk on the ground floor while she would take the escalator. When I arrived, she was just handing a lady her shoe purchase over the counter and saying goodbye.

    I paid for the shoes and......ok, this part is crazy.....she walks all the way around the long counter, circles me from behind to get a good glimpse at my baggy, stands rooted beside my right shoulder to appreciate the full view, and hands me my shoes!! :nuts::lol::roflmfao:

    This has never happened to me before, but I'm telling you guys, I got a lot of stares (and stalkers) today with my baggy!!! Ha ha ha! :heart:
  2. Sounds like someone was checking to see if your bag was the real deal :biggrin:
  3. Cute story! I wonder why she wouldn't just compliment you on it?
  4. how cute! i think it would have made me uncomfortable though.... especially the circling..... it like your baggy was prey. hehe.
  5. Oh that's too funny! :roflmfao:

    I must admit to being tempted to do some of my own circling...though I usually try to keep more on the peripheral & out of notice... ! :shame:
  6. What weird behavior! I wonder why she did just compliment you and not act so obvious and awkwardly? Anyway funny story, I hope she didn't make you uncomfortable as that is kind of creepy! LOL! Total bag stalker!
  7. hahah this is soo funny !!
  8. Lol that is to funny.
  9. That's awesome! The circling is hilarious! Have to ask tho...what shoe store?! 3 stories...geez I'd be in love!:girlsigh:
  10. Lol that's hilarious.

    Today my mom went to the store and was carrying her white MC Speedy and she said the lady in the floral area greeted her bag! Apparently, she was staring straight at her bag while saying, "Hi, is there anything I can help you with today?" :lol:
  11. Funny! I find it so amusing when people do that sort of thing to me. It's like "YES, it's authentic, get over it!"
  12. That is funny. I get a lot of stares when I carry my baggy too. I never have been complimented on any other LV bag but this one.
  13. That's cute!
  14. She must've really liked your bag. It would've been nice if she had come out and said something nice about it though rather than sneaking looks.:idea:
  15. ITA!!