SOMEONE WAS BAD...and it wasn't me!!!

  1. Hey tpf pals--

    My DH was extremely bad yesterday on our anniversary. I thought he had already given me my gift at Christmas time, but low and behold there was a box there yesterday. :confused1:

    Anyway, it turns out he saw a dark brown (espresso) MP on eBay and decided to get it for me. He said he got a really good price on it, and that it was from and Off 5th store.

    Of course, I was super worried at first because there are soooo many fakes on eBay:push:, but when I opened it and checked all the zippers, it looks good to me. It has all the right tags, and a gift receipt from Off 5th as well. I checked the seller and she's really reputable, so I'm satisfied that it's real. :yahoo:

    I'm so excited as this is my first brand new soft calf piece (that's not quilted)! I just couldn't believe he went for it, that's so not like him. I must be doing something right lately! :shrugs:

    I'll post some pics later, but I wanted to share the good news with my tpf pals! I knew you'd appreciate my excitement! :jammin:
  2. ^ Marclover, congrats on your new addition to your MJ collection! Your husband is so sweet. =) Looking forward to your pictures.

    Espresso is from Spring 2004. =)
  3. What a great husband! Can't wait to see it!
  4. That's so romantic especially since it was a complete surprise. You've got a good one. Congrats on the anniversary.
  5. What a sweet husband!! You are very lucky. I can't wait to see the pictures. Congrats!
  6. that was soo nice of your DH!

    can't wait for the pics!
  7. Here are the pics! I took some of the zippers, nameplate, and the outside. That way, you guys can also validate authenticity.

    Thanks for all your lovely comments so far! I really love sharing my handbags with people who actually CARE!!

    I promise I'm not usually this spoiled...just in the last few months!! :nuts:
    MJMPFrontView.jpg MJMPSideView.jpg MJMPNameplate.jpg OutsideRIRIzip.jpg MJInside Zipper.jpg
  8. Rachel,
    Happy Anniversary! The bag looks great....hope you enjoy it! What a nice present from a nice hubby!
  9. Congratulations.
  10. Yay for a great DH!! Love that color. Now if I can only talk my hubby into supporting my habit... Go and take it for a spin already!
  11. Awww, that is so sweet of your DH! Happy anniversary. Your new MP is beautiful. Congrats!
  12. What a wonderful surprise! It's a gorgeous color. Congrats marclover!!! Your hubby did good!:yes:
  13. Thanks everyone! Such sweet comments!

    thithi--I already took it for a spin, and it's the perfect size! I love it!!
  14. How sweet! Congrats!
  15. Hey marclover, what a sweet guy!!!! and he got it right too by getting a real one!

    the MP looks lovely, i love that rich color, it's not too deep but full of character!!