Someone VERY dear to me could have been murdered or..

  1. raped. I am going nuts now. This person does not drive and walks, takes bus or taxi everywhere. This time she was taking a taxi and ask the driver to take her to International Dr.(Orlando), then she realized that he was going the wrong way. Before she knew it, he had taken her to an unfamiliar place where there was no house or car. The driver mentioned that he had a gun (she never actually saw the gun). He started to say how beautiful she was and made her touch him. I didn't dare ask for details because I didn't want her to bring back the horrid memories. Then he wanted to grab her purse and she held on really tight, somehow she suddenly got really angry and use her umbrella to defend herself. She was REALLY REALLY mad and fought him. Suddenly he was the one that was afraid of her. SHe instructed him angrily again to drop her off at International Dr. and he did as she said. Then he has the nerve to charge her $40!:cursing: She just gave him $10.

    I am so upset and frustrated. Like I said, this person is very dear to me and what upsets me the most is that this is not the first time people commit crimes against her. She's been robbed more than 3 times, she's been scammed, and now this! Her husband was murdered too. It's like a movie. I am nauseaus everytime I think about it, and I can't sleep. Horrible images keep coming to my mind. I may need help because I am so angry at the world, and I keep questioning why God permits such things. I really need some answers and comforting. I talked with DH but it is not enough.
  2. Sweetheart, I am so sorry.

    Our world is not what it once was, and I do not think will ever be a place where we can roam freely or trust our "fellow neighbor", or stranger. It our times, we have to be prepared for anything. My Mom always said that God would not give us something that we cannot handle. My sister has been through so much bad, but she seems to crawl out of the darkness of hell and overcome. It is so hard to explain or answer, and so many times you just can't answer the hard questions.

    I have sent up a prayer for you...keep your head held high, and encourage your friend/family member to do the same!!

    You need to be there for her now. We'll be here for you! I wish you and your friend the best...good luck to you and God bless!
  3. Thank you. Reading your thread helped, especially when you mentioned:
    "God would not give us something we cannot handle". I still hate knowing that there are so many evil people out there. I just like thinking that people are nice by nature but I am finding it very difficult to do so. I need to do some heavy reading to soothe my mind, spirit and soul.
  4. So sorry to hear that. That's a horrible story!

    Did she record the taxi driver's license number or license plates? That guy belongs behind bars!
  5. That is SO scary, I am so so so sorry, I really don't know what to say. It is true, like sunnyfreckles said, that the world isn't what is used to be or should be, ideally. I think things happen for a reason sometimes even though it might not make sense at all or seem remotely fair. Hopefully this will never happen to your friend again. So awful about her dh and other incidents. Sending you and your friend best wishes and virtual hugs. I wish I could say more to be of comfort.....
  6. OMG that is insane! Thank God your friend is safe she NEEDS to report this to the authorities!
  7. How very strange that it´s all happening to her, I feel so sorry for her! Be strong and be there for her.
  8. OMG. that's horrible. i'm just glad u're friend is ok.

    Did she report the guy? she really should.....
  9. oh my god that is so scary. I get cabs and public transport all the time. Did your friend go to the police?
  10. Did she report it? I hope so... The driver needs to be off the street before someone else gets hurt.
  11. omg that is terrible what a horrible situation to be in thankfully she is now home safe.

    I hope she reports it or has already this guy needs locking up before he can do this or something worse to others
  12. she should have called the cops while she had him
  13. Exactly what I was thinking! She needs to call the police immediatly, if she hasn't already.
  14. No she didn't. She was probably not thinking straight and was in "defense" mode. This guy definitely belongs behind bars. Who know how people he has done the same thing to?!

  15. No she didn't report it :sad:

    For those who frequently uses taxi, please write down all the drivers information before getting in. Is it legal to ask for the drivers license or is the license that is posted upfront the driver's license?