someone vandalized my louis vuitton!!!!

  1. last Christmas, i came home from college and went out to the local pub with some friends. i was standing at the bar, waiting to order drinks, when i noticed a woman sitting at the keno machine, staring at my petit noe. i had the bag over my shoulder, tied shut, so i figured everything was okay (meaning, "there's no way she's takin' anything from this bag!"); although, i was puzzled by her meaningless stares.

    when i got home, i noticed permanent marker on the vachette. oh no, my first LV, once flawless but now spoiled by marker! i was so upset, this was my 20th birthday present from my long-time bf, and the reason behind my LV obsession, so the bag had sentimental value, plus, i can't afford to replace it - i'm a college student w/ student loans.

    i know it was the keno woman, she had a brown marker for crossing off her keno numbers.

    has this happened to anyone else - civilians, poisoned by jealousy, vandalize your belongings right under your nose?
  2. NASTY!!! u poor thing.. Maybe u wana try magic eraser?
  3. ya people on the street will try to push pass you and knock on to yr bag omg that so mean it happen to me when i use my miroir alma...
  4. whoa...... that's a bit much... maybe it was an accident and she kept starring at you to conjure up some courage to tell you that she ruined your bag, but couldn't cuz she was too scared? I dunno :shrugs: otherwise that's a very nasty thing to do on purpose
  5. oh my gosh! I really hope that wasn't on purpose....
  6. I am so sorry to hear, that someone can be so petty and mean over a bag! That woman has serious issues.
  7. I am so sorry to hear about that?:shocked: I hope she didnt do it on purpose! - if she did well then karma will catch up to her.
  8. Sorry too! I would be upset if that happened to me, I hope you find a way to get rid of that mark! Try calling LV?
  9. OMG!! That is soo awful. I hope you can get it out, at least alittle. I also hope the girls are right and the woman accidently did it--- its so sad to think people would vandalize others' property on purpose out of jealousy and spite!
  10. I am so sorry to hear that this happened
  11. thats really scary!! to be so ugly inside
    sorry that happened to you ((((HUGGSS)))

    i know i went to a random thought upscale hair salon and the lady took hair color and splashed it on my bag..and i am very very particular and care very well for all my belongings (esp my bags)..i try not to let myself get angry about it every time i see it..u have to try and let it go..hopefuly urs will come off
  12. Oh, poor you and poor bag! That is really sad. I've never had that particular experience but can imagine how upset you must be. Wish I knew of something you could use to get the mark out, but I don't think there is ... :sad:
  13. Sorry to hear that. If she really did it on purpose, that is quite mean. But do give her the benefit of a doubt. How about bringing it to the LV store and see if they have any solution to clean the mark or at least make it lighter.
  14. sorry this happened to you but maybe you can buy some AMODEX ink stain remover I think it can remove permanent markers...
    its available online or on eBay, or just googgle it.

    hope it can help.
  15. The more I read this post, the more it disgusts me. I am so sorry that happened to you. If it was intentional, she really had a nerve. If I would've saw her do it, she would've lost a leg. That's AWFUL. How does a person feel that they have a right to do that to someone's property? What eerks me is that this was done in public. YUCK! I hope you are able to get the stain out with some of the other recommendations.