Someone Using my Ebay ID?? Has This Happened to Anyone Else?

  1. I got an e-mail over the weekend from ebay (or at least it looked like ebay) telling me that someone had posted an item for sale (a Honda) using my ebay user ID. The item was removed, but the e-mail requested that I change my personal e-mail password and my ebay password, and contact their security.

    Has this happened to any of you? I'm a little nervous to change anything, in case somebody has penetrated my computer.

    I'd be real curious to know if any of the rest of you have had this happen.

  2. That sounds like someone fishing for your personal information. Log into your account through ---not through the email, and see if you notice any activity on your account. If there's nothing, forward the email to ebay's fraud center.
  3. This is a scam. Foward it to Never click any of the links or send personal information from emails like that. This goes for paypal accounts too if you have one. Log in to ebay directly & then check your messages from there.
  4. It's a scam, however I did have someone hack into my account to sell stuff and buy stuff. My account has never been the same.
  5. kat, log on to ebay via the website. don't use the link that was emailed to you. check you messages and see if it was ebay that really sent you that email. there's been alot of scammers trying to get your info by sending links that way. be careful!
  6. SCAM!! forward the email to
    Go through and change your password to be safe, not throught the link in the email.
  7. that's so scary
  8. Thank you all. I went to the My Ebay site (good recommendation!) and my password no longer works, so something is definitely going on. I don't like this!
  9. Just a quick P.S. I just changed my password, and confirmed that the e-mails DID come from ebay. Apparently someone accessed my account. :censor:
  10. wow-that so sucks...SORRY!
  11. I had something like this happen to me last week. I got an email from ebay saying that I had paid for something through PayPal, and if this wasn't correct, then to dispute it by clicking the link. I clicked the link and it brought me to what looked like the PayPal page, but it asked for my credit card information, saying that they needed it because of some security reasons. I thought it was fishy, so I closed the window and went to on my own and didn't have any problems logging onto my account without inputting credit card information. Needless to say, I cancelled my paypal account shortly after. I have also checked all of my credit card statements, and there haven't been any activity by PayPal, which also leads me to believe that the email I received was a scam.
  12. When you receive an email telling you to click on the link, so & so....., don't do it. By clicking on the link in you personal email, it will give the hacker access to your account. If you are suspicious of the email, go to your Ebay account and check your inbox. Always, Ebay sends an email to your inbox and also to your personal email. I've learned from that specific mistake. It's ashame that people are trying to ruin good things....

  13. I just wanted to let you know that I talked at length to Ebay last night, and someone definitely co-opted my user ID. I had to change all my passwords (including personal e-mail) and "secret words" (the prompts they use when you forget your password.

    Ebay says this has become pretty common -- co-opting the ID of someone who has positive feedback, and then either redirecting the e-mail (so that a potential buyer thinks they're sending an e-mail to me, but it actually goes to someone else), or simply using an e-mail address that doesn't connect to me.:censor:

    The point is, these guys are getting clever. I know a lot you, like me, use ebay a lot, so I wanted to warn you to check your My Ebay periodically to make sure you don't see any unusual activity. I also wanted to warn you that every once in a while, the e-mails we get from ebay are actually legitimate. I get so many, I just routinely ignore them. This one was real.

    So, be careful out there, ladies. And take the advice that you all offered above -- get into ebay through their web site, not through the links these e-mails offer, and you'll know you're dealing with the right guys. The help desk guy last night actually called me, too, from the number on the account, so I knew I was actually dealing with ebay.

    There was no damage to my account, but I still feel somehow violated. What's wrong with people???
  14. how did u call them? on which number?? i kinda have a similar issue with ebay, sent tons of email but didnt get a single reply!:rant:
  15. Pinkish_Love, I went to the Security Center (bottom of most ebay screens), and from there to LiveLink (sort of like IM). I had to wait a while for an agent, but once I had one, he offered to call me. Hope this helps.