Someone trying to copy coach???

  1. Check this out........Do you think this looks like one of the styles coach has?

  2. Here's a pic to compare

  3. :yes:
  4. Those are from the Jessica Simpson line pppfffttttt
  5. The ireland?
    Why yes it does.
  6. Shoes are copied all of the time. Usually there is a small thing telling them apart. Many of the times a company will copy a shoe from a rival company that they know is a power seller.
  7. well...which came out first?
  8. jessica simpson s shoe line is always about copying a more expensive style to make it more affordable to the masses... she always copies the good ones!

    copying is the best form of flattery !! (sorry its so late i forgot the saying lol)
  9. I tried on 5 pairs of Jessica Simpson shoes last night at Lord and Taylors and they are very poor quality , the one pair sole was falling off in the store ! and none of the fit nicely they all have a really weird angle to the sole , the Coach ones look way better