Someone tried to steal my account!!

wai bb

Nov 18, 2006
I was checking my email today and I found my inbox full with 20+ new emails.. all from ebay about NEW LISTINGS!! I've never sold ANYTHING on ebay, so obviously someone had got into my account!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

I used the ebay help page, so I have changed my password, ended all 20+ 1 day listings, and filed for a credit on the seller fees I was charged.. however I still cannot changed my registered address, ebay claims I can't changed my info since I had a Verified icon less than 30 days ago?? :confused1: I guess that's not really a big deal, since I changed my password and ended the listings..

Has this happened to any one else before?? Any tips or advice would be great.. :smile:


Aug 11, 2006
It happened to me before too. I think it would have been easier for you to just let ebay know what had happened and they would have ended all the listings for you and automatically credited your account.
Anyhow I know it's a real pain and apparently happening more and more often!