Someone took my new CL's!!!


Piggy Fajita
Sep 19, 2007
I see cows and hills
Im soooooo freakin mad right now. I ordered some new louboutins from saks last week and it was suppose to arrive thursday. First of all, I assumed the package would require signature and then I thought ok, even if fedex just leaves it on my door I'll be back by 9pm on thursday anyways so everything will be ok.

Well turns out the package was delivered tuesday afternoon (I had laready left for vegas) and I come back home thursday to find nothing on my porch or behind the pillars where fedex usualyl leaves my packages. I am SOOOO MAD! I used the live chat on saks webpage that night to see if they could look into that and get me a replacement asap. Well the lady i talked to didnt really seem to care at all about my shoes...she just asked for my number and that someone will call me back in 3-5 days1?!?!? And shes said they're all sold out of the 7 1/2's.
So now...i havent gotten a call from saks and I have no shoes...and i swear my neighbor's gardeners must have gotten a hold of the shoes. I always catch them in my front yard trying to sell me something (like fertilizers or something). Either that or my new neighbors took it...but i doubt they're that shady.

I'm sooo mad...I just needed to vent. But what's with Saks asking for my number telling me they'll call me back...I am a bit worried and the lady seemed like oh watever, we'll look into it. Sigh


How many is 2 many?
Jan 11, 2008
That is such poor customer service! I would call and ask to speak a manager rather than one of the phone operators. Be as difficult as you need to be to speak to someone who cares. For any item, and especially luxury goods, they should be doing a whole lot better :yes:.

Let us know how it goes.


May 4, 2007
I can't believe they sent them without needing to be signed for???!!! Crazy!


Feb 14, 2007
New Orleans, LA
That would piss me off royally! I've had FedEx just leave a package for me. My FedEx guy tries to hide them, but still, all it takes is someone to find it and it's gone.


Jan 24, 2007
new york
all the things that i've ordered from saks, neiman, bergdorf, and barneys are delivered by fedex as well and they never require a signature. they always just leave my packages on the front door as well, but thankfully none of my packages were ever stolen. i have to always make sure that someone's home to pick up the packages for me on the day that they deliver and it's so annoying. honestly, i would expect them to require a signature since we're ordering such expensive shoes. rather i find that other companies like sephora, revolve, shopbop, etc. require a signature on their packages.

i really hope you get your shoes in the end. maybe one of your neighbors took it in for you seeing that you weren't home (that has happened to me a few times before).


Piggy Fajita
Sep 19, 2007
I see cows and hills
I really hope so!!! I was looking forward to getting my shoes! And i got a gift card with my shoe if someone did take it and tried to use the gift card or something maybe saks can track it down that way, altho i highly doubt it.
The neighbor to my right is out of town for the past week or so, my parents and I have been getting thier newspaper for them. And my neighbor on my left is new so is the one infront of me....I honestly have never seen those two families since they've moved in. Its kinda weird.
Only thing I'm worried about is my neighbors gardeners. I always catch one of them lurking around my front yard, my dog barks like crazy when theres anyone near our front door. One time, my dog went crazy and I went to see what's going on. I opened the door and I see my neighbor's gardener walking away from my corridor...he realized I opened the door turns around and asked me if I want fertilizer. I'm like, who are you. He's like oh I'm the gardener from next door.

I just hate how sometimes fedex will leave packages in plain sight on my front porch. Anyone driving by can see the damn brown box and just take it. Esp when it's just sitting there for 2 days.


Jul 16, 2007
Santa Monica
Did you buy these with a Saks card or another credit card? You can take out a claim if you paid for it through another credit card...I know that won't bring your shoes back, but at least you'll get your money back!
Jan 10, 2008
I would go door to door and find out (if it's a good neighborhood...don't wanna get shot!) fedex too and let them know you never got your package. Maybe they delivered it to the wrong house.


Aug 26, 2007
San Francisco, CA
ugh..that's why I have all deliveries go to my work address as I know the two guys that work in our mail room. If I'm expecting a package and not going to be around, I'll ask them to hide it for me and they do a pretty darn good job of protecting my stuff!

Unfortunately I think they've caught on that a lot of my packages are shoes as a lot of eBay sellers are using the USPS "Shoe" box now!


Sep 8, 2007
I'd say 98% of the stuff I order from Nordies, Saks, NM, etc don't require signature. I've had Chanel bags left by my front door. However, some of these delivery guys leave the packages right on our front door when we have pillars where they can hide the packages and I HATE it! Luckily, I haven't had anything stolen.

I was waiting for CL this week, but we were out of town to Napa. The delivery came on Tuesday, and when we got home Wednesday night, my CL were there :smile:

Aug 25, 2007
omg i'd cry for days.
i hope you get replacement shoes!!!

"I would go door to door and find out (if it's a good neighborhood...don't wanna get shot!) "



NE Born OH Bred
Jul 6, 2007
Oh, I am so sorry. I would definitely file a claim with your credit card company since they can reverse the charge. I always have my CL's delivered to work because Fed-Ex just leaves stuff.


feels like pigsomnia
argh, that totally sux!! that's why i i like nm the best, they are just wayyy better about those little customer service type things . . . . like once i ordered this mink wrap from them, only my stupid self selected my old nyc address . . . . by the time i realized it, the package had already been delivered and nobody could track it down . . . but they still refunded me the full amount :tup:

if i were you i would just call back and ask again, sometimes you just need to get a different service rep who is more helpful and they'll take care of it right away . . .
good luck!