Someone told me never go with “Hermes in Black”...!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I was talking to a friend and I told her: “I thinking of getting a birkin bag in BLACK “;
    She said: “No Way “Hermes in Black “, don’t go with black believe me “
    Me: “Why? Why not black “
    She said: “just believe, don’t go with black for any Hermes bag “

    Why, Not Black, I don’t get it? I’d love to listen to your thoughts do you agree or disagree any way?

  2. First of all, why listen to anyone who can't give you their reason for not purchasing it??? KWIM?
  3. Your right Kellybag ,... I think she wanted to say that : Hermes looks bad in black ... but she couldn't say it directly ....
  4. You're friend must be bonkers - black is a classic, looks great, has been going forever ( ie Hermes know what they are doing with this shade), it never tires and keeps its value.
  5. interesting topic - i had this debate with my gf earlier abt black too...

    why yes - black is classic, last forever, staple color to go with almost anything in your wardrobe, no need to worry abt dirt/stains

    why no - it is one of the most common colors (so frequently seen around), + the best thing abt hermes is their huge array of lovely vibrant colors, so why stick to black (when you can get another black bag in any other brand).

    i think its a huge dilemma in my opinion. hard to justify either way. :biggrin:
  6. But on the other hand, Hermes are so expensive that if you could only get one, black would be perfect as you could use it all the time.
  7. suzie, absolutely true - we were debating based on the thought that if it was the one & only H birkin you ever own, what color it shld be....
  8. Instead of black, how about considering a colour that looks like black but isn't black? Like graphite, navy blue, ebene .... In certain lightings they look like black, but in other lighting they look different. 1 colour, many variations!
  9. Hi,

    I have a 50cm Brikin black in togo. I received tons of compliments for the bag.

    I personally think it is classic and would never go wrong.
  10. I'm hoping to order my first Birkin next month and will be getting black because it's safe and goes with everything. My next one will be red though!!
  11. for me best to get black because it is a classic color. if your eyeing another H bag then you can go with color. kwim??? :smile:
  12. I totally understand this!! For me, black in Hermes doesn't work well....and the reasons are -- I love colors!! I have had a couple of black H bags and sold them just because...I prefer raisin first, reds, and blues...but I certainly wouldn't tell someone else to NOT get black if black is your thing! I understand it's a basic and all that...but for me I have learned I prefer a slight color, something fun, over black...
  13. I love H black.
  14. Maybe she was just saying that Hermes has wonderful colors. Maybe she, without saying it, was trying to tell you to go with their signature orange.
  15. You will NEED an Hermes in Black.

    I kinda think I need 2....or 3....