Someone thinks I should drop my BIN price just for them. Right.

  1. So I am selling my Gucci bag on eBay. Starting bid of $649, BIN of $749, and it's a $1k purse that I've had for about three months, so I figure that is the best I wil be able to do. It's in great condition, etc.

    I have a good number of hits, and five people watching the auction, which ends Tuesday. This morning I get this message from someone offering me $600 for the bag. In other words, I should drop my BIN by $150 just for them.

    I am so annoyed by this lame lowballing tactic. Ugh. I am not sure how to respond without expressing how rude I think this buyer is. THere are still four days left in the auction, and five people interested. WTF?

    the nerve! :mad:
  2. Don't do it. You never know these last minute bidders! You know what's the lowest you can go so stay with it.
  3. Don't reply!
  4. Just tell her she has to put in a bid.
  5. That's very tactless
  6. Here is what I said:

    "Hi there! Thanks for your interest in my bag. I'm sorry, but my starting bid and BIN are firm. There are a number of people watching this auction and inquiring about it, so I would rather let it unfold in the usual way at this time... Good luck, cheapskate."

    Okay I didn't really say that last part :smile:
  7. That end sentence would've made it even ;)
  8. what kinda gucci bag is it?
  9. It's a chocolate brown guccissima small tote. It's very cute, but I just don't carry it enough to justify the cost of it sitting in my closet, and I also find that I carry too much crap every day -- it's not big enough.

    I just bought a lovely new Coach patchwork tote to replace it! :love:
  10. Really! I wouldn't have given her the time of day.
  11. Don't do it!
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ! Too funny!
  13. I think you did the right thing by being polite. Some people don't really understand how ebay works, so they may not even realize how rude they are being. They might think that there is more of a bartering system. By explaining that you want to go through with the auction, you might be helping them to gain a clue:smile:
  14. Well, in another sense, I don't blame the person for trying, because some sellers are actually willing to negotiate - I've done it before with some reputable sellers.
  15. Making an offer, lowball or whatever is not rude. All a seller has to do is say no thanks. Why does it have to be offensive to a seller for a potential buyer to ask? I don't get it. It shouldn't be personal.
    With the cost of everything today being so inflated, I have started to ask if there are any promotions coming up or discounts I could take advantage of. I'm done with paying whatever is on the price tag, when I can. I have recently saved some money on things just by asking...pricematching is great too! It's the the whole clipping coupons mentality for me, just taking it further.

    You never know exactly what a sellers position is....
    I'm so happy the ebay seller that I bought my vintage slat bench from wasn't offended with my BIN offer. Maybe he needed the money, or just wanted to sell the thing...
    All i know is, he happily agreed, i immediately paid thru paypal and received my bench 3 days later. It was perfect.

    So the moral of my story is...I just want to get a good deal whenever I can. Somehow I get more excited when I get something below the "retail" price. It all just may add up to another handbag;)