Someone tell me ALL about the stephen mono!!

  1. I have seen some of the pics of this bag from PF(beautiful by the way!!!) and am starting to :heart: LOVE:heart: this bag!!! There is a picture of Jessica Simpson going to the airport and I think she has this bag on.......anyone seen it?? Can't remember where I saw it......:shrugs:

    Anyways....I really am interested in this bag. I love big bags, but I don't want to carry a duffle bag with me, KWIM?? I am wondering if this bag would fit the bill.....I would love a bag that I could hand carry AND have a should strap, like my Bbag....and this one does!!!! Is it to big for everyday use?

    So, what are the opinions on this bag? AND most importantly....where could I get one? Is going to have this bag eventually?? TIA!!!
  2. That bag is stunning and it is a limited edition for fall/winter. I believe that you can put your name on a waiting list....stunning...the only down size is that the leopard stephen is over 4k canadian...way too much $$$ for me but, if you can afford it I say go for it because it is soo unique and hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Jessica Simpson makes the gold version look nice. But I prefer the leather version

  4. I have the Mono version of the STEPHEN and I personally prefer it to the GOLD LEopard one..I saw it IRL and felt there was WAY too much going on .....
  5. Yeah, that bag isn't for everybody me included. I think you have to have a real strong style to carry it off & I am pretty sure our members who do have it can wear the h.e. double hockey stickes out of it. Just not for me.
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