Someone talk some sanity into me...

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  1. Aaaagh. I have been wanting an aqua something for so long. But decided that I didn't "need" it. Plus, I've dedicated myself to paying off my cc debt in full. So to that effect, I've sold some items recently and have a large chunk of change sitting in my paypal account...

    Then today, I decided to "browse" eBay, and low and behold, there's an Aqua First up for sale!!!! :nuts: And, I have exactly enough money in my paypal to buy it...

    Someone talk some sense into me... I know I don't need this bag and paying off my debt is more important... But, this is the first FIRST in aqua I've seen...
  2. I think you know the answer, it will be the very best to pay off your cc debt. I know how frustrating the feeling is you describe, but there WILL be another aqua out there with your name on it at the right time for you! Also, if you buy the bag, the price you paid for everything on the cc goes up, so it negates any good deals you might have found, maybe think of it that way?
    Good luck, hang in there. !!!! *hugs* Everyone has had this situation one time or another!
  3. okay think about the new colors coming out...if aqua is by and far the one you want for the next season as well, maybe, BUT i think more and more will become available as newer colors come out! also, would you rather wait until you see some of the newer colors? plus think how good you will feel too once you have paid off your cc debt! hooray! also, maybe you could wait overnight and think about it...if its still there and you just have to have it in a couple of days, maybe its meant to be? otherwise...wait it out?
  4. Aargh! I know you girls are right and I know the right thing to do. I'm really determined to pay off my CC. It's sometimes hard to enjoy any purchases you make when you have any CC debt!!

    I also thought about the fact that as the fall colors come out, there will be more aquas being sold off. But, I really wanted an aqua color for the summertime. Waaaah. :crybaby:
  5. I know, I know!!!!:crybaby:
    But, you will feel better, I promise. :tup: There is still a lot of time left in summer! Can you sell some more things on eBay, spefically towards your future aqua purchase? I agree with kates that as the new colors come out, people will be listing the earlier colors.... I personally think ALL colors look good regardless of season, but that is just me. The way I dress, as in my clothes really works with all kinds of bbag colors. I guess it just depends n person to person......:heart::heart::heart:
  6. transfer that paypal balance into your checking account ASAP!

    there will always be another aqua bag, those things come up now and again and will continue to once people fall inlove with the season, etc. etc. etc.

    pay off your debt now, you'll feel better about yourself. if that balance in your PP account is what's tempting you - dump it into your checking and write a check to your cc. there, temptation gone.

    we've all struggled with that want - i justify to myself all the time that i sell so i can buy more! BUT if you purposely sold off some stuff to pay down your debt, then you will make yourself a lot happier if you stick with that plan.

    it'll suck now, but it'll pay off later. no pun intended:okay:
  7. ^ sorry, didn't mean to shout up there, i just got a little worked up :push:
  8. LOL Nicole! I know! I was gonna transfer it the other day and the only reason I didn't is b/c there is a temp hold on some money and Paypal hasn't released it back into my account yet, even though it's been almost a week. :rolleyes:
  9. man, paypal just isn't on your side, huh? that's the first thing i do whenever i sell is get that $$ out of there pronto. i don't like the idea of it sitting there for two reasons: i will spend it AND if my account ever got hacked it would be stolen.:tdown:
  10. Clopin, sweetie, follow nicole's advice and move the money asap!!!!

    Also, try to focus on the good and mature side of things: paying off cc debt is very important and hard to do, and you're doing it! Be proud of yourself and keep on trying, we're all here for you!
  11. Don't do it! put that extra money toward your CC bill, you'll feel much better about it.

    This is exactly why I took balenciaga out of my favorite search list.... oh, the temptation!!
  12. Never ever go into CC debt over a bag. You'll feel so much better if you pay everything off and save some money. There will definitely be more aqua bags in the future. As the other ladies have said, people will probably start selling bags to fund new purchases, so there will be an increasing likelihood of finding a good deal in the future.
  13. Pay off your debt first. The aqua bags are not going away and you can always find one later.
  14. The aqua first is beautiful and I can see why you are having a hard time resisting it, but you will get another chance when the time is right, I'm sure.
  15. Hey- *hugs* I'm pretty sure there are a lot of other people (including myself) that have had this happen to them........... but IMO- not carrying around the destructable monkey (cc debt + the interest) is a pretty powerful feeling- financial freedom is like chocolate - sweet but something you gotta work off regardless- my opinion would be to completely avoid eBay until you've saved up at least half the money you need in order to get that bag that calls your :heart:

    good luck- I know that if you do wait until you have at least half the money you need--- you may not let it go so easily towards a bag-------

    I think for now......... just close your eyes and mail off those cc payments...