Someone take pity on me please!!!

  1. I didn't get a PCE and I know exactly what I want. If anyone is not going to use theirs or has an extra one please Pm me!!! :crybaby:
  2. I am not sure if you saw this or not, but Coach is accepting the Macy's Friends and Family 20% coupon. I know it is not the 25% PCE, but 20% still helps.

  3. REALLY?????? :confused1:
  4. WOW that's awesome!
  5. I was in the coach store the other night and several ladies were using thier macy's f&f coupons. It does not hurt to give your store a call or stop by and ask.
  6. aw if i had an extra i would so give it to you !

    i didnt even get a card but i got the discount ? haha
  7. Thanks girls! I got lucky and a fellow TPF gal is sending me hers!!!!