Someone stop me....

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  1. I need an intervention... Instant reveal.
  2. So I went to Macy's to find an orangey/melony color and came home with these.... Last words my hubby said to me before departing to work when I told him where I was going... "to get a new purse?" "No, I said, I'm getting mascara. " Oops!!!!!!!

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  3. That was MT in Pink Scarlet....
  4. But then, I eyed some beautiful pink bags all wrapped up. Of course, I asked to see them...... Oops.....Pink Ruby Christie....

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  5. Whoohooo! Caught a live one!!! Beautiful colors and styles!!! Congrats! And you should take out your new mascara from one of your new bags and tease him, saying, "Yeah! I DID get the mascara!" LOL.
  6. Oh, now, that's my kind of mascara.
  7. Such beautiful mascara. Love them!
  8. Best. Mascara. EVER.
  9. Honestly, I didn't intend on buying a new purse until I put on this blouse that had melon colors in it..... I was sincere about the mascara at the time.... LOL
  10. Lol, sorry but this train can't be stopped. Congrats on the beauties!
  11. congratulations, those bags will go good with your new mascara :biggrin:
  12. Congrats on your new beauties. They'll accent your new mascara nicely ;)
  13. I love them! Congrats! All the other posters are correct, they will be gorgeous with your new mascara (and blouse?! :smile: ). :biggrin:
  14. So "mascara" is our new word!!! Love it!
    And love your finds!
  15. I need to go and get some mascara :lol:....Maybe after my doctor appointment :graucho:

    Love your goodies! Congrats!