Someone stop me! lol

  1. I bought 5 bags in the last week and a half, and none of them cheap. I almost bought another two last night on eBay, but lost one auction (thank God) and decided against the second one (because it was $3600). I'm a self-proclaimed shopoholic, but this is totally ridiculous! I can't believe I couldn't recognize my totally crazy behavior while I was buying! (Good thing is I didn't pay for any of it on credit cards!) Anyhow, I figured it out tonight when my DH asked me how I was doing now that it's been a few weeks since my friend died of cancer! It clicked right then...I've been stressed and grief-stricken and this was my way of handling it...not that it's such a genius revelation, but I just hadn't put two and two together yet. Do you guys do this too? What are other 'healthier' (AND CHEAPER) ways of handling stress?! lol
  2. I do the exact same thing! When ever I get upset or stressed or worried or depressed I turn to shopping. And eBay makes it just so easy because you can go shopping without even getting dressed (you know those times when your all bummed out and dont even what to go outside?). I dont really have the answer for "healthier" ways to cope, but if you look at it from another direction, maybe you already found the healthier way to least your not out binge drinking and doing drugs, right?
  3. I like the way you think, Cleo!!!! :graucho:
  4. I also tend to overspend and over eat when I am depressed or stressed about an event. I think in many ways it is a healthier way of coping when compared to drugs or drinking. Still, anything in excess is not dealing with the real pain. Becoming aware of what we are doing and why is a good first step. Sometimes it even helps to have someone, professional or friend to talk to. Some people have said that exercise or meditation helps, I have not had great success with either.
    Now comes the next question. Do you love your new bags? What did you buy? Can we see pics? Don't be too hard on yourself we all have our weekness and at least you have something beautiful to show. :smile:
  5. I have shopping problems too especially when I'm stressed. I personally hang out with friends. We watch movies and have nice dinners and lunches. It still costs a lot of dollars, but not nearly as much as a designer bag.
  6. I think you make great sense!!! I think it's a better escape then other addictions out there, although...I have to learn to make it just one bag, not 5! lol

    Oh yeah...I got a LV Beverly Clutch, a LV Anthracite Nimbus GM, a Balenciaga Vert Gazon Twiggy, a LV Speedy 30, and a Chanel Light Silver Reissue 2.55!!! I already have the Nimbus (and posted pics already) and the Reissue, in which I'll be posting pics soon! I have to really debate whether I should keep them ALL! lol
  7. I am the same way. I don't cry when I am upset, or turn to chocolate... I SHOP! Nothing beats that rush.

    I have gotten rid of all my credit cards and that has helped significantly.

    I've also started working out when I feel crappy instead of spending money. It has helped my wallet and my health. Not as fun as shopping, but it really does make me feel good.
  8. I also use exercise and friends! I actually also go on a run when I'm debating a bag. If I'm still thinking about it when I get back, it's time to buy (I did it tonight with the Botkier Bianca in gunmetal and I'm still thinking about it...:drool:).
  9. So sorry to hear about your loss....on a funny side note...did you see the Oprah show about shopaholics? The woman would buy things from the TV and send to someone anonymous in the phonebook. SOOO let me know if you need my address!!! ha j/k
  10. OMG, that is SO funny!!!!!!!!! You and my addressees in my phonebook should be so lucky! :roflmfao:
  11. i understand exactly what you're saying...when i'm stressed, anxious or don't really want to "look" at something, i avoid it by eating or shopping...afterwards i don't feel "complete" because the purchase or the food was a temporary band-aid...first i want to say i'm so sorry you lost your must be a feeling of profound loss for you...
    during the course of 19 years i went through a rough time...had 18 major operations (gyn) and then had to go through in-vitro in order to conceive...i was on MAJOR amounts of hormones for a LONG time and gained a lot of weight...the only thing that fit? food, makeup and bags! someone recommended a book to me called "full catastrophe living" by jonathan kabat-zinn..he's director of the mind/body clinic at UMASS medical center in worcester mass...the book is's about mindfulness and living in the's dealing with chronic stress, anxiety or physical pain..i've recommended the book to a lot of people and it's helped them as well...his program is now in about 60% of hospitals around the country but it's not only for chronically ill people, it's for people who have stress and anxiety...anyway, i know i'm rambling and i'm sorry for that, but, i wish you peace of mind as you come to deal with such a tragic loss...
  12. Thanks, song! I'm going to check the book out on Amazon right now!
  13. let me know what you think...