Someone, stop me from buying more shoes!!!

  1. This Coach addicton I have is pretty bad. I bought my first Coach bag about 18 years ago, and vowed to never spend money on signature, only leather, reasoning that at least I am buying great quality leather. Then, in the Fall I bought my Peony tote and wallet. (I guess signature is not so bad.....)

    I thought to myself, "well, at least I don't like their shoes." Then, on New Years Day I bought my first pair of shoes, at a great price, at Dillards. I thought to myself, "well, only one pair of Coach shoes. I don't need any more." Then someone on here mentioned the Jilly flats in magenta, being on sale. So, using my "at least they are leather" theory, I stopped by my Coach store on the way home and ordered them. While they were being ordered, I looked at the book. I had the SA check for another sale pair, named Melissa, and now they are on the way too. And they are signture, not leather. I am running out of excuses! Someone, stop me before I shoe shop again!

    (And meanwhile my pond patent ergo hobo sits at the Fed Ex facility, taunting me!)
  2. :lecture: And if that didn't work :noggin: LOL!! I feel your pain sister :yes: I hope you get your Ergo soon!
  3. I wish I knew what to tell you, but I can say that I'm in the same boat. I don't buy that many bags, but I have this THING for their shoes!:p They are so cute & are really good quality! Just rest assured that you are getting stylish quality that will last!! Good luck being strong!:tup:
  4. If only I knew how to stop MYSELF from buying more shoes!!! And on top of that, I cannot seem to figure out how to get rid of any of the ones that I already have. Needless to say, I've run out of closet space! I'm super picky about my handbags, but if a pair of shoes are cute, they're mine!:shame::rolleyes: Maybe we need an intervention!:lol:
  5. Here's my dilema...when I buy a new Coach bag, I have to get the matching shoes or ones that match, then if I find some killer Coach shoes on sale or that I love, then I have to buy the's KILLING ME!!!
  6. You came to the wrong place, girl! tPF is for ENABLING not the opposite! :p

    Good thing about me is that I love bags a LOT more than shoes...
  7. Sorry, I can't help you on this one, but can't you post pic please. lol
  8. Ok here is me enabling: Everyone needs shoes right ? Most places won't even let you in the door if you are not wearing shoes, am I correct ? So......If they are good quality and comfortable and will last a while, then that makes them a necessity, therefore I would have no guilt in buying them BUT there is a caviat: If you are planning on having a baby at any time, I would hold off on buying too many cute shoes. I can't wear any of my shoes now because after 2 back to back pregnancies, my feet are a whole size bigger than they were my whole life. I also love bags more than I love shoes but in my new size I got some really cute shoes,
    Hannah anderson leopard print clogs[​IMG] and some new Sketchers [​IMG], they are cute Please post pics when you get them !
  9. Oh honey you came to the wrong place! heehee We are all enablers!
  10. Don't ask me to stop you....I have 9 pair myself! :tup:
  11. buy, buy, buy!!:lol:
  12. OK!! Stop buying shoes for yourself!!......& start buying for me!:p:idea:
  13. LOL I had the same problem! One day I randomly went to Dillard's last spring.

    I came back with FOUR pairs of Coach shoes!

    After going from 0 to 4 in one day, I started a Coach shoe addiction that just won't quit!
  14. Ok - you are no help! Yes, you are a bunch of enablers!!!

    And I'll post pictures when they arrive!
  15. Oh..Okay. :sUm...don't...don't...don't. Stop...stop...stop. Don't Stop!!! :hysteric: