someone stop me from buying anything

  1. i am really depressed today and looking for something, anything to buy. i hate it when i get like this but when i can't concentrate i feel like i must have something. someone, talk me down. please. or else- you know- enable me.
  2. What is your goal?.What do you really want?...everyhing else takes away from that...
  3. Shopping has always been my drug of choice. It's the only thing lifts me from my dark moods. Go for it!
  4. i don't really want anything. i could use a scarf of course. i'm just depressed. my dad was admitted to the hospital last night. they think he's fine but i think i'm freaking out.

    and i don't have any goals.
  5. Finn, I know just how you feel! Sometimes when I get this urge, I wear or carry something that I haven't worn before or have worn very rarely. It give me that new thing thrill.
    Don't buy!! No enabling here from me!
  6. hmmm... wearing something new is a good idea. i am wearing new boots but maybe when i go home i'll take out a new bag for a walk.
  7. So sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with you and let me know if there is anything I can do.:heart:
  8. much as I'd LOVE to enable you, H, I'm going to do just the opposite. For a couple of reasons.

    First, buying something when you are depressed USUALLY results in buying the wrong thing. Been there, done that. So, the first thing is DON'T BUY ANYTHING TODAY! Instead, do a little something for yourself that you enjoy.......browsing in the bookstore for example. Taking a long, hot bubble bath, meeting friends for a glass of wine after work, a movie....anything BUT buying Hermes.

    Second, keep your Kelly vision in mind. I think you said something at one point about wanting a Kelly.......keep the picture of your perfect kelly right in the forefront of your mind. Tell yourself you will not buy impulsively because you are waiting/saving/searching for your perfect Kelly.

    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  9. Isn't still your birthday? Mine was on the second but I'm pretending it's not over, lol, so I can keep getting presents :yes:
  10. So you just deifined what you really need, you need your dad to be ok...

    Buying something won't make that happen...what you want is to be with your dad....tell your job you need to leave and go be with him...

    And yes there are "things" you know it...but now is not the time for things...
  11. I'm so sorry about your dad, I hope he's ok.
  12. yeah the thing is i'd buy anything not even hermes. you're right though, buying is wrong. i got so much for my birthday you would think i would be satisfied. are we ever? or if it's more about filling a hole instead of owning things then how can we ever be?

    i do want a kelly but it's not anywhere in my near or forseeable future.
  13. i can't leave the office. my boss is out today and tomorrow. my brother is there with my stepmom. there's nothing i can do anyway. he's still waiting for one more test in a half an hour then waiting for results. i'm sure he's fine i just hate the waiting.
  14. H, I agree that shopping always makes us feel better. So why not buy a little pick-me-up for your dad? How about a new novel or a book of crossword puzzles? That would definitely make you (and him) feel better. - you don't even need to leave the office! Sending positive thoughts to your dad.
  15. hope it all turns out OK.

    at times like these engaging in MINOR retail therapy can be helpful -- go to sephora and get a new lipstick. :yes: