Someone stole my son's shirt....

  1. I just don't get what is going on with kids today. My son went camping for 3 days with his school and he had the most wonderful time. I bought him some new things since he is growing and he had a New Hollister T shirt stolen while he was taking a shower. You had to put your clothing on a bench or something and take your shower and when he came out his new T-shirt was gone. He didn't even get to wear it. I mean these are 11 year olds. I can't imagine why someone would do this??? He was very upset to think that a person would take his T-shirt. It is not a money issue, I mean they are under $15.00 on sale but a moral issue that at this young age he had to be exposed to a person having no problems in stealing another persons property. I felt bad for him and tried to tell him some people do not know what is right or wrong.
  2. I think you're trying to do the best thing by teaching him that some people make bad choices and do the wrong thing! But make sure you also point out to him about Karma and that while this other little boy is wearing that $15.00 t-shirt a tree will probably fall over in the forest and smash him.......and will anybody even hear it? hehe
    Rotten little bas***d!
    Then be thankful that you don't live with a thieving child like that!
  3. I'm sorry that happened to your son. I feel bad for him, too. It is not right to take anyone's things, no matter how old someone is, imo; but 11 is really young. Hopefully it was just a prank. When young boys are together in a group, sometimes, they do stuff to impress each other. :smile:
  4. OMG.. how awful! Those children need to be taught boundaries!
  5. Did he tell the teacher in charge? I'd give them a chance to fess up, then I'd search all the kids' bags.
  6. Yes... i hope he told a teacher, since it was a group of people camping it sort of narrows down the possible suspects! Sorry that happened to him! I know he must've been upset because it wasn't even something he had control over if he was told to leave it somewhere, you'd make an assumption it would be safe! Hopefully one of his classmates will fess up!
  7. I send my son to camp and I can't believe the amount of stuff that gets lost /stolen. I never send along new clothes to camp, but the oldest crappiest ones that I can find. Of course some turn up in the lost and found bin a few weeks later but I'm tired of hunting for missing clothes and complaining to people in charge!

  8. So true, we have learned this the hard way too.

    I am sorry for your son's loss, as others have said, it will be good to use this as a teaching experience for him.
  9. kids these days act so crazy im so sorry about what happened to your son, yesterday my best friends boy got hit in the face with a baseball bat by a 5yr old. All of this stealing and violence has to stop somewhere.
  10. It's sad that happened at such a young age. Sad to see that corruption starts so early. I remember someone stealing one of my favorite lisa frank erasers when I was in 2nd grade. It broke my heart, but it taught me a life lesson early. If anything, it taught me to never do that to someone because how sad it could make someone feel.
  11. When I was his age a "friend" of mine did that...she stole earrings that I got for my first Communion and then two years later she stole a shirt my parents had got me for my birthday. I remember feeling hurt and upset, but my Mom helped me learn that there are mean people in the world, and that it won't ever go away. That helped me when it came to being an adult and now being a Mother. You did a great thing by explaining to him the way you did!
  12. I'm sorry this happened, I know what your going through, my daughter had her purse stolen in school, it had a cell phone, digital camera, money, and other stuff, i posted about it, and everyone here helped her to feel better, none of her stuff was ever found but it has all been replaced with bigger and better things.... Tell your son I hope he feels better and in the end he will be a greater person. Let's hope that the boy who took his shirt doesn't move on to steal more $ items and will realize what he did was wrong and this can lead to more problems.
    Good Luck, I wish your son lots of smiles :smile: