Someone stole my Peanut Ines out of my cart! Was it you??

  1. I was so excited to find a teal mayfair on the sale page for $460ish, and I quickly put it in my cart. But then, I remembered that Bergdorfs usually sells the same bags but for a little bit less. So I started a new tab and searched the Bergdorfs site, and there it was for $50 less. So I put it in my cart and then when I went to check out, that lovely red text came up saying the quantity I have selected was not available. Argh!!! But wait, I need to take it out of the Neimans cart! So I did, but no luck. It was gone.

    Oh well, I thought, it wasn't meant to be. Let's see what else there is. So I went to look at the Marc Jacobs bags, and what's that? A PEANUT INES FOR $600?!!! OHHHH, EVEN BETTER! I was so excited!!!! Put it in my cart, started to check out...then wait, what's my password for Bergdorfs? AGHHHHHHH! Ok, fine, started the forgot my password process. What city was I born in? got it. The password was emailed to me. Go to Yahoo and check my mail. Oh, duh, that's my password!

    This process took maybe two minutes. But sadly two minutes too many.:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: Because when I finally was able to log in, that stupid red text came up and someone else got my bag!!

    Why does Neiman's and Bergdorf's tease us like this??? It's truly not fair!!!!

    I just hope it was one of you lucky ladies who got these beauties!
  2. WTH?!?!! Sorry that happened to you.
  3. So sorry to hear this...that is FRUSTRATING!
  4. This kills me everytime!
    I hope you find it again....
  5. sorry this happened to you. wow, can't believe the teal mayfair showed up on the website. that would have been such a sweet deal! don't worry luvinmybags, you'll get these bags again some how.

    p.s. cute how your baby is carrying your RM bag.
  6. If it is any consolation - I once had a Peanut Ines in my cart and CHECK OUT. I thought it was a done deal - but then I got an email a few days later that it wasn't "really there". So although it was in your virtual cart - it could have not really been there at all. It's a gamble - and the person (if that's what happened) who stole it from you might get an email from them saying "sorry Unavailable" me....
  7. ^^^That would be so heartbreaking!!! Neimans/Bergdorfs really need to get a better system. So uncool to tease their customers like that!
  8. I agree it's a gamble. Hope you'll find another peanut ines soon-it's a great everyday bag.
  9. Do you still have the link of the bag?
  10. That happens to me EVERY time! I've never scored a great deal from an online store; it's always gone by the time I checkout, or even worse, I get the dreaded out-of-stock email. Put the link in your favorites and check back from time to time; you never know, it could pop up again. ;)
  11. I never have any luck either!! Don't feel alone!!
  12. It has happened to me too...just keep trying!
  13. ughhh i hate that! fwiw bloomies cancels a bunch of orders even after it's gone through. that emotional rollercoaster is so exhausting!
  14. this seems to happen quite a lot!
  15. even worse- barneys always cancels orders like weeks after they've been placed and you've been patiently waiting for it to arrive.

    sorry lady!