Someone Stole My Cousin's Nintendo DS (Mom Vent)

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  1. Aaron wasn't supposed to bring it to school but he did. After lunch he saw it was gone from his backpack. He asked the teacher for help but the teacher says he can't help him because he's not supposed to bring that stuff to school.

    What pisses me off is that my mom just bought it this past Wednesday for his birthday!!!!!! Over $200.00 down the drain!!!!! My mom didn't even want to buy it for him but she felt sorry for him. All because he wanted to show off at school [​IMG]

    I told my mom not to buy him anything because last week his teacher called at home to say he wasn't doing his homework and turned in his homework late. But she doesn't listen!

    I had a feeling it would be stolen from him because he's the type of kid to show off and brag.

    My mom is so mad.

    People keep bugging her for money and ugh. I'm just pissed that my mom is too generous.
  2. I certainly wouldn't buy him another one. He needs to learn his lesson.