Someone stole my B-bag package

  1. [FONT=바탕]Ladies OMG I[/FONT]’[FONT=바탕]m so horrified right now. My B-bag package was stolen. It was coming from NM and I was waiting for that for awhile and I called SA to get status of shipping. She found out Package was left outside of door on Nov 1. I was home that day and nobody ring the door bell.[/FONT]
    [FONT=바탕]WTF My husband works from home so there is no way that we did not hear door bell.[/FONT]
    [FONT=바탕]Here is problem is my neighbor who moved in about 5-6 months ago I don[/FONT]’[FONT=바탕]t know my neighbor that well. I think she goes to work in the morning but literally she gets packages almost everyday or every other day. But I remember seeing one box was by her door and she took it that night. (Don[/FONT]’[FONT=바탕]t think I[/FONT]’[FONT=바탕]m stocking her. My little dog barks at night if she hears my neighbor opens her front door.)[/FONT]
    [FONT=바탕]MY heart is telling me it[/FONT]’[FONT=바탕]s her but I do not have any evidence.[/FONT]
    [FONT=바탕]So I knocked her door and asked yesterday[/FONT]…
    “[FONT=바탕]Hello~ I lost my package and wondering if you accidentally took it since you get packages everyday.[/FONT]
    [FONT=바탕]She said [/FONT]“[FONT=바탕]Oh ~ what was in there? [/FONT]
    [FONT=바탕]I told her handbag [/FONT]
    [FONT=바탕]She said [/FONT]“[FONT=바탕]I did not see any handbag when I opened my packages. (I was looking at her eyes from the beginning to the end she only blinked her eyes once.) [/FONT]
    [FONT=바탕]And she told me well I have so many boxes are not opened I[/FONT]’[FONT=바탕]ll check.[/FONT]
    [FONT=바탕]After that I have not hear back from her again. [/FONT]
    [FONT=바탕]I guess that explains everything.[/FONT]
    [FONT=바탕]I don[/FONT]’[FONT=바탕]t know If I[/FONT]’[FONT=바탕]m over reacting it or not.[/FONT]
    [FONT=바탕]Anyways I talked to NM department manager and he said he will file a claim to FedEx. I[/FONT]’[FONT=바탕]m not worrying about getting my money back. It just upset me that someone just takes stuff without any guilt and it happens to be my neighbor. How I can say this for sure?? I know everybody except my new next door. And before she moved in we accidentally left garage door open all day and we were out. But not even one piece of paper was missing from my house. I really don[/FONT]’[FONT=바탕]t know what to do. I hope truth will come out soon.[/FONT]
    :crybaby: :crybaby: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. oh no.... i hope everything will work out fine...
    Whoever took it, karma will get them!
  3. Thanks Eping :s
  4. I absolutely HATE IT when they don't ring the door bell. You would figure that with a package for that amount of money the least they could do was ring the door bell. Thats happened to me on so many accounts. I've ordered things from Tiffany and they've just left it on the door step, and I'll be at home all day waiting for the package and realize that it was dropped off hours ago. You pay for the shipping don't you???? UGH.. And not all people are as honest as others, so you never know who could have taken your things especially in a neighborhood full of people. I really hope that everything turns out fine and you get a refund. thats so irratating to hear that.. :cursing: :mad: :rant:
  5. oh my gosh that sucks....yes I do believe in karma....but thats just plain nasty......
  6. :cursing: i would be fuming! hope they can get you your bag, they should be able to do something!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us updated!
  7. Imagine if she did take it. It's not like she could wear it or return it. Keep your eyes on Ebay. Anyway, I know how you feel I had a 2 packages stolen from me. 1 from Eluxury a few years ago & 1 from Smart Bargains last year. It sucks especially when you can't wait for your item/s to arrive.

    The same thing happened to me the only thing is I left my front door open ALL DAY. Nothing was touched - Thank God! I left my door open for atleast 8 hours.:nuts: :wtf:
  8. my friend at work was just telling me that her sister bought a Fur Coat for $6,000 and they left it on her front porch! :shocked: no signature, nothing!
  9. *hugs* thanks for sharing - i really do hope everything sorts itself out... if you see your nextdoor neighbout with your bag - JUMP ON HER!!! Be sure to keep us up-dated on what happens... *hugs*
  10. That's really awful--I'm surprised it wasn't held for a signature. I'm not a big fan of FedEx. They never got our papers to us when they were supposed to for the closing on our apt.--didn't know where they were, either, even though they claim that they always do know. Of course, one can't control the shipping services that stores use.
  11. and I always have to sign for my bbags! :confused1:
  12. Oh, two more things, my ups driver is an alcoholic. You can smell it on his breath when he asks for your signature.

    I love it when the tracking info says a delivery was attempted but no one was home & I was home all day. This happened to me more than once.

    I don't know if it has to do with him drinking but it's really annoying!
  13. A 6,000 dollar fur coat left with no signature. That is the craziest thing I heard.
  14. I'm sorry that happened! Next time, request the SA to put signature required on your package.
  15. I hope that everything will work out for you!

    That is really strange they did not require a signature!! I know one time I bought from NM and they shipped with FedEx, it was only a pair of jeans and the FedEx guy personally called me on his cell phone and made an appointment with me saying that his job was on the line and he needed my signature in person. Now UPS on the other hand, this afternoon just left a $500 DVD recorder in front of my door without even ringing the doorbell or signature.