Someone stole my auction!!!

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  1. OMG!:cursing::cursing::cursing::mad::rant::censor:

    eBay 易趣: Balenciaga 06 White Day Hobo Bag (物品 250043546785 结束时间 2006-11-03 21时38分29秒)

    Mine is here and ended already:
    eBay: Balenciaga 06 White Day Hobo Bag (item 120046172718 end time Oct-27-06 18:17:20 PDT)

    ARGH!! I
    didn't think anyone would ever steal my photos because it is in my Webshots and is listed under LizLikesHugs.

    OK, so how do you water mark images?? Do you need to resave everything or does Webshots have a program too?

    I am so MAD!
  2. AH! I contacted Ebay and they said I need to report it by going to the page and reporting it but I cannot read anything there. It just says ??????????? on all the writing. HELP!
  3. This is just horrible so sorry it happened to you. Did you report this? There is a watermark thread here somewhere.
  4. The link I was going to give doesn't work unless signed in. Did you follow the links to customer service?
  5. I'm reporting right now.

    Here is all the person's listing. Check and see if your stuff has been stolen too.
  6. Sorry this happened. =(

    There's a great thread by fayden: "How to Watermark your photos!!!"

  7. I'm going to close this since it was also posted in the Ebay forum :flowers:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.