Someone STOLE my auction!!!!!

  1. Some eBay seller whose eBay ID is usaericusa stole my entire item description for an auction of mine that ended last week, and they're even calling themselves lv_obsessed from the Purse Forum (i.e ME)!!!

    I've reported them to eBay but haven't heard anything ANGRY!!!!!:cursing:

    Will they just get away with it?????:confused1: :cursing:
  2. If you reported them, there's no way they will get away with that.

    Did you send the impostor a message?
  3. It's crazy..! Report her now, I'll choose many categories so eBay could kick her soon!
  4. Thats awful- I found their Ebay Ad and they don't even show any photos. Maybe they are trying to scam a buyer using your ad. They havn't sold anything for years. I hope Ebay pulls their Auction soon!
  5. that happened to my boyfriend, except someone stole his auction at the same time that his was listed so there were TWO identical listings!
    eBay did eventually close the other guy's auction, but it did take a couple days.
  6. ^^Why are people so weird? Are they just sitting around getting kicks out of messing with people? Thats so ridiculous!
  7. That's horrible! :cursing:

    Have you heard back from him?
  8. I've reported this too, hopefully it's taken down soon.
  9. I need the original item number from which he stole your auction, lv_obsessed.
  10. A pfer originally "bought" the item in an attempt to shut it down. Dont worry she wont be completing the sale.

    However it appears they have relisted it!!!!
  11. Oh, wow. Then when they remove the auction post-end, she won't even have to deal with it. Phew!
  12. Looks like it has been ended :tup:
  13. Looks like the seller is now NARU'd. Whoo hoo!
  14. ^^^Great news! Happy to hear that was taken care of.