Someone stole lockbox off my front door!

  1. I just had to post and get my thoughts out...someone stole the lockbox off my front door (am selling house) today!
    I heard this thump thump at the door and when I went to go see saw some girl walking back down the sidewalk. I just figured it was one of the many people that put fliers on the door, etc.
    So tonight I went out to look around and lo! The lock box was gone. I immediately assumed she cut the box off to get the house I called the police and am still waiting for a locksmith. Can you BELIEVE this? Some people are just rotten...what if I hadn't seen it? They might have come in when I was home and hurt me! I am still shaking a bit, more in anger...will feel better when the locks are changed. The police are patrolling the streets frequently too.
    Anyone had this happen???
  2. I am so glad that you found out before it was too late! I hope everything works out!
  3. So glad that you noticed it! We had our realtor put the lock box in a semi-hidden place to prevent this. We attached ours to an outdoor faucet and placed a plant in front of it, and the other realtors who were visiting were notified of where it was before hand.
  4. Good grief! I'm amazed at how the criminal mind works!
  5. ... stupid question, but what the heck is a lockbox?:shrugs:
  6. When you're selling your home, the realtor puts a house key in a box that has a lock on it. It is usually hung on the doorknob or over the top of the door on a hook like a person would use to hang a holiday wreath.

    Licensed realtors who will be showing the home then use a special card that they insert into a slot in the box to unlock it and retrieve the key. Upon leaving the home, the realtors put the key back into the box and re-lock it.

    This way no one has to be at home to open the door to let realtors and their clients in to tour the house.
  7. and it is very expensive also.
  8. Are you sure it wasn't another Realtor from your office that came by to remove the lockbox? They are not easy to get off the door and if someone was going to steal one you wouldn't think they would do it during the day. Either way I would be mad too. Hopefully it was just a miscommunication.
  9. That's terrible! I am amazed too at the things people will do! I'm glad you became aware of it and are able to take care of the problem!
  10. was it one of those electronic lockboxes, those are may be a theft of the lockbox to be resold on eBay
  11. What a horrible thing! Glad you were able to catch it and not let it go unnoticed! I hope they catch the thieves!
  12. I wonder is there a new crime wave to hit the US? We had my apt robbed, another poster's house broken into and robbed and now this??

    What is going on??
  13. strange! I didn't even know you could get those things off!!!!
  14. That is crappy! I'm so disgusted by how low some people can be. I hope you can replace the locks quickly. You deserve to sell your house for a nice profit considering this unlucky turn of events!!
  15. Oh! Thanks leelee!

    I've never heard of anything like it - perhaps they don't use them in Australia.

    I can't believe someone would be so brazen... a front door is so open to the street and, as many of you have said, a lockbox really has to be yanked off the door. Don't people have any conscience...?