Someone spilled wine all over my chanel!

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  1. I was at a wedding this evening and had my Classic Flap Black Caviar M/L hanging on a purse hook off the dinner table. My boyfriend’s friend (also a guest) knocked over a full glass of white wine ALL OVER MY CHANEL BAG. I wiped it dry immediately and she apologized profusely. I just told her it was okay and not to worry about it (a waiter spilled some wine on it at another wedding). But I didn’t realize until a little later that the back pocket was soaking wet. I didn’t want to seem like a crazy person so I just tried to wipe it with the table cloth but I eventually told myself her feelings and everyone else’s judgment doesn’t matter as much so I went to the bathroom and got a damp paper towel. When I got into the back pocket there were some small burgundy dye spotsthat would come off onto the paper towel. I tried wiping it down a few times for peace of mind but really that ruined the night for me. I’m not mad at her since she felt bad, and was obviously under the influence (I don’t believe she saw the bag until the incident happened). She had a wallet on chain of her own that evening so she knows the value of my bag. Thinking about taking my purse into the store to see if they think I need to get a cleaning.

    I just am in disbelieve.... A whole glass of wine!! Needed some comforting, hoping to find some of that here with fellow TPFers. Thanks for reading my post.
  2. That’s terrible! Sorry that happened to you. At least these bags are so well made, you can probably have it cleaned and no real harm will ultimately be done. I would have been so upset too!
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  3. Hope your bag is ok. Would've had a mini heart attack :sad:
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  4. Oh no
  5. Just wanted to express my condolences for your bag
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  6. Ouch! Sounds like your bag is okay thanks to your quick thinking but yeah maybe bring it back to the store for them to look at for your own peace of mind.
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  7. That sound terrible! I would def. take it to the store, they can look at it and tell you if everything seems okay or if something needs to be fixed.
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  8. Sorry to hear what happened and well done for keeping it together - things like this happen and people will say it’s just a bag after all but if it’s something you genuinely love (and you’ve spent so much money on), it’s normal to get upset... It’s good that you reacted maturely and handled the situation well.

    Glad your bag seems to be OK and as others recommended, get it checked at store just in case!
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  9. Gosh so so sorry this happened! Lucky it’s caviar but I know if it happened to me, I would not be able to stop thinking about it even if I acted ok on the outside. Do you have a good SA you can email and see what he/she advises? Otherwise, def bring to Chanel store to see what they can do for cleaning. Good luck!
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  10. How awful! I had a similar situation happen to me but with an entire bottle of beer. I was pretty devastated too. Now when I attend functions where I know people will be drinking I only carry patent or canvas handbags that can easily be wiped down. So sorry but definitely see about getting it cleaned and conditioned.
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  11. Oh my god... so sorry that happened to your bag. Hats off to you for staying classy at the wedding!!! Very hard to do when you are faced with situations like that. Please keep us updated! :tup:
    I will be holding on to my bags very tight at the parties from now on.
  12. It's a shame that happened, but I love that you aren't mad, that counts for much more. In the end it's just a bag and your feelings and hers and worth much more. :heart::flowers: Hopefully it'll be ok, but even if it doesn't look perfect again it's still a Chanel, and has some stories from its time with you
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  13. Mine was a large coke and the entirety was emptied into my brand new birkin. Lucky it was black and togo and not an exotic or I don't know what I'll do.
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  14. Oh no that would be such a nightmare!! Sorry to hear that I hope your bag is ok!!
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