Someone seated at the same table at a wedding is going to be wearing a dress ...

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  1. #1 Mar 15, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2014
    Here's the situation, I am going to a wedding in April and the brides Mom and I are best friends. She just told me yesterday that her sister in law, is wearing an orange dress, we are going to be seated at the same table. I'm debating to start looking for another dress, I wore this to a wedding last July and loved the way I felt in, plus it was comfortable. The sister in law's dress is almost the same color but a different style, she tiny too, probably a size 2, I'm an 8, I think I'll look like a heifer near her. It's frustrating to start looking for a dress now, especially when I was set with the whole outfit....wah! Advice?
  2. What's the issue? Are you wearing the same dress ?
  3. Just wear some accessories to make it pop and wear it with confidence.

    Please PM me if you see an Alexander Wang Rockie in black leather with nickel hardware at less than retail.

  4. No it's almost the same color though.
  5. That stinks!!! Does she know that you were going to wear orange, too?
  6. I say, keep your accessory game on point and wear it better. Think of how many girls are going to show up in little black dresses. ;)

    Maybe you can add a trendy statement necklace or a pretty pair of large turquoise earrings to keep your look different?

    Or maybe you can pair it with a really cool metallic shoe?
  7. It is not the same dress. Just wear it and enjoy yourself!
  8. I agree if its not the same dress...wear it with confidence ;)
  9. +1:smile:

  10. No she didn't it was just chance

  11. That's why I was wearing orange because of all the black dresses, I have the most perfect gold metallic cage shoes to wear with the dress.
  12. Ok I am going to be different here. I would find another something to wear. Maybe you can find something to match the shoes. Good luck
  13. I think its fine but my question is...was the bride's mother telling you because she thought you shouldn't be in the same color as this other person?

  14. No, she actually thinks I should wear the dress, she just wanted me to know that her SIL would be wearing the same color.
  15. I doubt that it's exactly the same color, unless it was cut from the same fabric lot! so go for it!