Someone Scoop This Up!!

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  1. I am watching it, but with 4 days left, I doubt it will stay that low. I have found most Coach auctions really go up in the last few minute/seconds. Someone may just get a ridiculously good deal though :p
  2. And all of it's real?
  3. awesome.. i'll keep my eye on it .. but have my other eye on a few other things.

  4. thanks! its my boyfriend and i. :love:
    although, i figure you've guessed that. :p
  5. I went ahead and bid on looks like the tote has some wear damage...but not enough to worry me.

  6. i checked and double checked and everything looks good to me.
    the only thing is, i don't know anything about their sunglasses.
    i wouldn't buy coach sunglasses off eBay, just because i don't know how to authenticate.
    if you are going to bid, you should post it in "authenticate this".
  7. I have that Coach wallet, it is a mini signature checkbook style. The one up for auction is missing the checkbook holder that goes inside. I just wanted anyone who was going to bid on it to know. Good luck!
  8. Already sent an email about it :smile: Thanks hun
  9. I got out oh well
  10. holy GEEZ that went up fast!
    sorry i mentioned it. :p