Someone reported my listings and now the listings are removed!

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  1. Hi and sorry first that this is going to be a long rant about ebay (yet again):P . I'm relatively new to ebay and thought I'd try selling some shoes first to get some experience and feedback from selling. I now have about 20+ feedbacks. So I thought of trying to list some of my LVs up to clear up closet space and get some holiday money. I put up loads and loads of photos and detailed descriptions. I had my auctions up a few days and had a number of watchers and bids and lo and behold, my listings were removed in a poof! I got an email saying that they were removed because of "trademark misuse". I responded to that initial email and I got a reply today that my listings were reported and "contained questionable information". Because "ebay does not verify authenticity", they have removed my listings that "contained counterfeit items, replicas..." :wtf:.

    I know that some of us here have had this experience, I feel for you too and I hope u had some luck sorting things out with ebay. I'm wondering if there's any means of recourse at all?! The email just stated that I'm not to relist(which I don't intend to anyway till I sort it out with them) and how they're trying to protect the buyers from buying counterfeits and replicas :cursing: I did send them an email voicing my unhappiness over the ironies in their reply. I don't have the receipts to these items because I bought them some years back and I don't usually keep receipts beyond their warranty periods. I am prepared to have mypoupette or caroldiva authenticate them but am wondering if ebay will even consider these since they don't "verify authenticity". I'm just thinking that even if I were to list my newer items with receipts, won't they just get removed again if they were to contain the above-mentioned "questionable information" (which they seem to be guarding with their dear lives) or if they are reported again?

    Thanks for any advice that I can get :flowers:
  2. Wow, I'm sorry that happened :yucky: Ebay has become one giant witch hunt lately. Innocent people being "reported", while the guilty ones keep ripping people off.
  3. Hey, kore, an ebay "witch hunt" is the perfect phrase that describes what is going on there.
    I can only assume, with the concurrence of so many others that have reported this stuff on TPF recently, yanking off legitimate auctions and keeping counterfeits on, that a lot of this is related to the recent LV lawsuit against eBay for supporting (or allowing) counterfeits and other "questionable" auctions of designer items to remain.

    There is no doubt that many items have been removed that should not have been removed. It happened to me also, I was absolutely stunned at the time (October) because I had years on eBay with no problems selling similar authentic items, and had 100% postive feedback from satisfied buyers. not one complaint.

    it IS a witch hunt and they are taking no prisoners. You have to take the attitude, that, hey, if they are going to do that, I don't want to be involved with them anyway. The way I am fighting back is not paying the "fees" that they say are due. I have been getting email collection notices lately and am very happy about it because I can respond to them and ask, "why did you remove my lisitngs, tell me and then I will pay the fees, ha ha. "

    sayonara eBay!! ;)
  4. try not to be too discouraged by removed listings. remember that on eBay, listings are often reported by other members, possibly your competition. if there is some aspect of your listing that violates eBay policies, adjust it & relist it. good luck! :smile:
  5. This happens to me ALL the time. Just relist your items. I relist with no problems. Try to do an online chat with ebay. Plus downtowntara might be right. Someone may have reported your items if they are competition with you for the same things you are selling. I had relisted an item and they sent me the same thing about "trademark misuse". I wonder why they didn't pull it the first time?
  6. Thank you all for your kind advice :flowers:.

    Kore, agreed too that it's like a "witch hunt" these days. It's just the way that ebay's dealing with all these reporting that's getting me all :mad: . amyp, agreed that it may be a result of the lawsuit and I am thankful and applaud that they are stepping up on keeping the counterfeits off ebay but I questioned them the same thing as to how is this their preventive measure?! LOL, I haven't gotten to that stage as u have yet and am still reeling in my disbelief at how ebay is handling the situation.
    downtowntara and Tura**Satana, am trying not to be discouraged but it's tough when ebay's replies are just mind-boggling!?! I did try "live help" but seriously, I have had better luck trying to squeeze blood from a stone. In my reply to them, I had in fact asked to know what these "questionable information" are so that I can edit my listings if possible and avoid making the same mistakes in my future listings...but...

    I just received another reply from ebay and I swear these are just system generated or they just have this whole list of standard replies to choose from. Once again, I have been told that my listings were "removed because it contained indicators that are commonly associated with fraudulent listings" - what these "indicators" or "questionable information" are, no one seems to know (to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe it's part of keeping the counterfeiters away by not revealing their "trade secrets"). Then the reply just states how I should read all the policies pertaining to selling counterfeits (I have already read them prior to listing, but how do they pertain to me when I don't own fakes to start with, nevermind about selling!) and that if there are repeated problems of this kind then my account may be suspended and so forth :wtf: . And how am I expected not to "repeat" the "problem" if I have no idea what the "problem" is in the first place?!?! I feel like my fundamental legal and human right of being presumed innocent until proven guilty has been taken away and that they are bordering on defamation by accusing me of selling counterfeits. I will seriously pass out if I get another system generated reply. Anyone has any idea how I can get "real help" from ebay (if such a thing exists in ebay)? Thanks so much everyone. You gals and guys are great!
  7. I've just had the same thing happen to me, the second time with the same bag, and the email said that I'd be suspended if I listed again. It makes my blood boil when there are hundreds of obvious fakes on there at any one time!!! I wouldn't mind but I've only sold about 10 items in 3 years, all authentic. Think I'm going to give ebay the push, sometimes enough's enough. :cursing:

    Good luck phwish if you're taking it further, I just don't have the patience.
  8. i'm so sorry this happened to you! i really wish they did something about those sellers who really do sell fakes and leave sellers with authentic items alone. did you try emailing to get a more thorough response, if possible?
  9. Thanks rental lady and itzme for your relating your experience and your advice. I've just emailed to and will wait to see their reply. I can understand ebay erring on the side of caution to keep the fakes off, but to not offer any means of recourse to prove authenticity is simply ridiculous. Furthermore, they had not offered any help on where I've gone wrong in my listings. Not that I know for sure that my listings were reported by competitors or people who have too much time on their hands, but isn't this just the perfect way to remove competition? Afterall they do this under the guise of helping to keep "fakes" off ebay and remain anonymous and they know that ebay would rather err on the side of caution. I agree that while ebay cannot police their system and reports made by other members is a good measure to keep fakes out (I've reported on a few myself), this reporting system is seriously being abused by some unethical members and should be reviewed. Maybe I'm just stubborn but I think for the moment, as frustrating as it is, I will continue to contest this false accusation that ebay is throwing at me :hysteric: .
  10. I had this happen to me when i tried to sell my louis vuitton they suspended my account they dont tell you ahead of time that you will be suspended for listing something expensive. they should tell you when you are listing something for a certain price you know likw a warning or something. They want you to have a certain amount of feedback and pictures with your name on them and all this crap it sucks.
  11. Oh this makes me so mad!
    It happened to me too and its so unfair.

    What is
    I emailed ebay thru the contact section and its been three days and I've haven't hear a thing from them

  12. Hi, Lexy. I've not personally heard of ebay doing this but that's definitely not right if they had removed your listing because of price? Have you given the feedback to ebay? Lisasbags, I think you should try instead as they seem to be rather responsive. That said, as responsive as may seem to be...they still did not answer my questions as to my appeals. I'm still seeking redress....
  13. This has happened to me several times not only do they claim that my LV are not authentic, my items has also been removed because of excessive shipping charges. Give me a break! 20.00 including insurance & tracking no. is excessive????:Push: It pisses me off! These are probably sore competitors that are making these complaints and all the dishonest seller selling fakes as authentic is boiling my blood making tons of $$$ of innocent buyers.

    I still sell on ebay as a mean of making a small income for myself of getting rid of stuff I no longer need but honestly, ebay sucks:yucky: !
  14. No matter what you do - don't relist your items until you have sorted it out with ebay coz they can suspend your account for "not obeying their orders".

    It's sad to see eBay becoming like this many horror stories from sellers it's actually quite alarming.

    ebay used to be a REALLY fun place to buy and trade years ago. Now it's just a minefield of crazy bombs of fakes and fraudsters, and eBay not making it easy for those poor sellers who have authentic goods to sell. Oh throw in the high eBay fees too - eBay great job!! <snigger>