someone reported by ebay listing


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
i don't know why, but someone reported my balenciaga listing and had it taken down for 'copyright enfringement.'


is that what happens when someone tells them that your bag is fake? because it most certainly WAS NOT - you all saw the pics (and more importantly, i had the bag in my hands, used the bag, and took it in to bob ellis shoes, a balenciaga retailer, and had my very trusted SA tell me what he thought). so what is ebay doing now, taking down the real bags and leaving all the fakes? they may have lost my business for good with this. they're just shady all around.

this just makes me so mad. we work so hard to make sure that the things we have and sell are real, and even when they are, ebay is still on the side of the fakers. :sick:

you best believe that i filed a complaint that my auction was unfairly terminated (which is odd, because i had terminated it myself about an hour earlier because i sold the bag). we'll see if they do anything, but they probably won't. they're all thieves anyway - ebay will get you one way or another.

sorry, i had to vent, i find this utterly insulting and unacceptable.
WTF :amazed: :mad:

I am so sorry - regardless that you sold it I too would want an explanation on WHY they did this????

Let us know if/when they get back to you - their actions are just straight-up BullS**t.
wtf!!!! reading that pisses me off big time. you should find out who ever did that because yours is legit. and why can't we get that sort of response with the real fakes on ebay?