Someone questioning the authenticity of my conditioner

  1. Ok I sell very high end salon products on eBay. All my stuff is authentic as I get it straight from the manufacturer. I've even walked the production floor so I know this is as authentic as it gets.

    I have a customer who bought some conditioner in July (yes july) and is now complaining that I sold her fake conditioner. She claims "that all the other alterna 10 conditioners I have purchased, including those at my colorist, have been very thick. This one is thin,
    thinner than the shampoo, has a different scent and texture." Now I do know that they reformulated this conditioner to be thinner as there were complaints that it wasn't coming out of the bottle evenly enough.

    What to do. Obviously since she has left me feedback saying "authenic product fast delivery" when she first got it and its past a 45 day paypal she can't do anything about it but it makes me so mad for her to think its fake. Do I need to send a snap of the bottle coming off the line or will she think I have my own factory?
  2. If she has left you feedback and the time period for her to report it is over then I would just ignore her. Obviously you know your stuff and she doesnt. She sounds like a troublemaker...make sure you block her too so she cant bid/buy anything else from you.
  3. Does Alterna 10 have a toll free customer service line that she could call and verify that they changed the formulation? If so, send her that phone number.
  4. Alterna probably wouldn't disclose that kind of information. I only know because I have inside sources.
  5. Um sure they would if she's a customer calling to ask if something has changed because she noticed it. why not?
  6. Ugh, block her...:tdown:
  7. Ignore her... she has already left feedback and can't file a claim with Paypal.

    However, is it possible did get get a bad bottle? (Although in this case I would have expected her to contact you before 45 days and before leaving feedback!!)

    Have any other buyers noticed a change in the consistency of the conditioner?
  8. In my opinion,I think it would be good customer relations to answer her in a very professional manner, and explain to her that you know the consistency was changed due to customer input for a thinner conditioner. From what I undertand from your post, the customer isn't asking for any compensation from you, and it is beyond the paypal 45 day dispute. I take it that she is only letting you know that this change has been noticed by her. If you don't answer her she may make the assumption that you are selling counterfeit conditioner.
  9. 45 days is a very long time to notice something is "wrong"! I'd send her your information about the formula and the customer service number if she would like to take it up with the company and then block her as others have suggested...
  10. All manufacturers (especially in the beauty industry) have reps you can call to discuss product issues. This is also why they have massive education and R&D departments. Not to mention, when a manufacturer changes it's formulation....they make it VERY well known! That is what sells the product. Especially if it is a change brought by consumer need as you're stating. Not only would they disclose this new formulation, they would post it on the label of the bottle.
    She is probably concerned because you're selling diverted products which often are outdated and/or couterfeit. Not saying that your items are however........diversion is as diversion does.
    Let's suppose she purchased her product from her stylist. She would have been informed about this new formulation because the stylist would have been educated by her local education team and her sales representative. Maybe your item was not the correct product for her hair which is why these types of items should ONLY be sold by licensed professionals because when they're not, the consumer is not educated about the product, they are not sold the correct item for their hair and thusly when they use the wrong product in an incorrect manner.....the retail item or the manufacturer gets the bad rap. In this case, it happens to be the seller getting the bad rap.