someone pointed me here...

  1. and lo and behold i saw bag collections of much beauty! I happened to have taken this the other nite (missing is a coach legacy straw tote in red, my LV 45 keepall and a spy in petrol coming very soon!)
    yay!! and thanks to everyone for sharing their beauteous collections! :biggrin:
  2. :love::love::love::love:HOW did i miss this thread???? I love your Spy and LV's. Fendi B bag.. and your paddy.. LOVE EM ALL!!!..:love::love::love::love: You are the first person i've seen w/ that LV.. lodge? is that what it is called? Can you model it please.. pretty please.. Purses are like Pokemon.. Gotta Catch em ALL!!! ..
  3. i love your spy!! everything in your collection is beautiful :smile:
  4. love the fendi bbag!
  5. eeeeeek! i love the cb papillon! soo pretty!
  6. I LOVE that orange Prada in the back!
  7. loves the paddy!
  8. love ur bags...
    they r all of great taste
    thanx for posting:smile:
  9. Welcome Squishy! I :heart: all of your bags. What a variety! Esp your B bag. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I love your collection! You have a little of everything!
  11. BEAUTIFUL BAGS!!!:love:
  12. Your Spy is absolutely FAB!!!!! :heart:
  13. heee i will take a pic very soon!!! tho i may be selling it soon sadly! :cry:

    thank you for all your kind words ladies!!!!
  14. Very nice collection!
  15. Nice collection :smile:
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