someone plz tell me which color to pick, etoupe or gris tourterelle

  1. standing in front of the mirror in SF hermes for almost 15 mins trying to decide which color to pick for the lovely miss lindy, between etoupe and gris tourterelle. these two colors are so similiar, except the white stitching etoupe has make the contract standing out more, and the SAs there told me it's an all season bag vs the gris, which is very summery.

    plz, tpf ladies, tell me which color, spare me from the torture :smile:. here are the pictures i found on eBay for both bags.
  2. I have both in 30 cm and wear them both all year as I do Parchemin. I love the Etoupe.
  3. I vote etoupe. I was just thinking that I need something etoupe :graucho:
  4. Etoupe fan here:tup:
  5. Well, I love etoupe but I do have a gris tourterelle Massai which I wear in the winter even more than the summer - it really is a great colour all year round. Practically, I suppose etoupe wins, however, I wonder if your heart really yearns for the gt but perhaps your brain tells you the etoupe is the most practical? I would choose the one you love. Or toss a coin and if you feel disappointed by the outcome then choose the other bag - that confirms it, lol.
  6. Both colors are beautiful...but if I had to choose, I would go with the etoupe. I think the contrast stitching just makes it pop. Good luck with your decision.
  7. etoupe is a favorite color nowadays...
  8. I love etoupe, I have a 35cm birkin in the colour and just love it.x
  9. Both are gorgeous. Gris T colour aged well too - close to Etoupe!
  10. Etoupe!
  11. etoupe:tup:--its a little more year round IMO. Gris Tourt (which i love too) is a little light and its a very chalky white gray so it would not blend so much to browns and greens the way etoupe does and then etoupe looks outstanding against black. (as would gris)
  12. Hands down I love the Gris.
  13. Dear ling - both colours are totally beautiful but which one is more standout with your colouring?? Personally I think I'd be torn too but I might be swayed by practicality therefore the Etoupe as it might handle dirt a bit better?? Good luck with your decision! Both bags are knockout though!
  14. does anyone have both colros and could post the bags side by side?
  15. I'm not a big etoupe fan - LOVE the gris. I think it really depends on the colors YOU wear and your coloring as well.