Someone Pls Post Pic of Your Smooshy Midnight Pewter Matinee..need help

  1. Hi all,

    My midnight pewter matinee just arrived and I'm a little disappointed.

    I find the leather a little too stiff for my liking, I remember reading in some thread about how the leather becomes "smooshier" over time... could someone help by posting pictures of the midnight/pewter matinee after they've used it? TIA. :yes:

    Would like to check out how much softer the leather gets.. if not, I may have to let it go.:sad:

    It's one beautiful bag, but may not be suitable for me. :sad:
  2. I was just admiring it online the other day and was very tempted to buy it. Hopefully it will soften over time and you'll come to love it? My dark grey started to become all slouchy after just a couple of days of use, so there's hope yet!
  3. Hi riceandsoup, I hope so too!
  4. Awwww! I'd give it a bit to soften up. It will get smooshier and softer with time. Give it a chance! =)
  5. Hmm...I live on a tropical island with lots of heat and humidity, will the climate help in softening the leather? LOL!
  6. Well, wearing it often under your arm will!
  7. I'm surprised yours is not soft. Mine came out of the box all soft and pliable. I wouldn't say it's "smooshy" like my stonewashed leather MAM, but it does mold to my body. See Contessa's review of hers. She describes the leather very well.
  8. hmm maybe there's different leathers if soccermom said hers was soft. Mine was definitely not soft and pliable lol But very thick and stiff. Mine was VERY stiff when it came like yours but I've grown to love it and it is getting worn in.
  9. Yep.....Soccer Mom is right. My midnight/pewter Matinee was like literally melted against my body. AND it's NEW!!!

    I'm with Gung and others.....give it a chance! At least a week. It should start breaking in by then. :yes:
  10. Weird, mine is very smooshy too and has been from the moment it arrived. That was the main thing I liked about it, even though the shape still does not really work for me (must stick to MA bags!)

    I don't know whether the leather differs, or whether we all just have different subjective opinions of what leather is "smooshy?" lol I often find the same thing with person's red might be brown to me, lol.
  11. I'm with you, Janechin!

    I just received my Midnight/Pewter as well and I'm just as disappointed. Mine is very, very stiff and not at all soft. It even feels rough in spots. I've not used it yet and it's completely empty and it's not collapsing at all and stands as if it were stuffed full.

    I think mine's absolutely beautiful too, but it's not what I expected and I don't think I'm going to keep it. :sad: I was really looking forward to it, too.
  12. Here's another question. Are you sure it's the leather you don't like, or could it be the shape of the bag?

    I thought of this because of what ToutesLesShoes posted -- because I think the leather on the Matinee doesn't collapse as much because of the shape of the bag. I think this is true even when the leather is soft. I had an elephant matinee and it did not collapse at all and looked very large because the leather was stiffer AND the shape was structured. On the Midnight and Pewter, though, I think the leather itself is very soft and was softer than a lot of other RM leather even on my MA bags, BUT the bag is still stiffer than I usually prefer because of the very structured, compact shape. The shape of the bag also makes the leather look stiffer than the leather on MA bags sometimes, in my opinion, because it holds its shape more.

    For me, the Morning After shape doesn't have this as much if you get a soft leather because it slouches more because of the shape. This continues in time and the bag gets nice and slouchy over months of wear so this may happen with the Matinee too, I haven't had one long enough to find out. :smile:

    Just my taste and my opinion in reference to how it looks on me. I have seen the Matinee on lots of other girls and it looks fabulous :smile:
  13. Thanks a good question, Hitchcock Blonde.

    This is my first Matinee, and you're definitely right that the shape of bag itself could prevent it from being slouchy. I've never even looked at Matinees in stores, and it's probably unfair for me to make assumptions about how the bag is supposed to feel and move based solely on pictures I've seen online.

    I do think the bag is beautiful, but it's not what I expected. I'm sure it will soften up a bit after some use, but at this point I'm afraid to wear it out until I'm certain I want to keep it. I just feel like for the price I paid, I should absolutely and completely love it.

    Thanks for your help--the feel in relation to the shape is not something I had considered. :smile:
  14. Smooshy or stiff??

    Wow, you guys are scaring me. I've ordered a midnight matinee and I think it should be here today. I really hope this wasn't (another) mistake. I've been looking at all your awesome pictures and thinking how gorgeous the leather looks. Also, I talked to the pros at Luna Boston, and they all agreed that the leather on the midnight really makes the bag. Are you both feeling any different after looking at your bags for the past day or so?

  15. I know you've already heard from me, LOL, but I agree with the Luna Boston people and I totally think the leather makes the bag. The leather on mine is gorgeous. But it sounds like there might be some variance. I don't like the matinee shape on my arm personally but I seriously considered keeping the bag anyway just because the leather is so pretty!

    so, my two cents!

    And you are welcome, TouteslesShoes (great name by the way). I mentioned it because I keep trying to buy matinees and something is always off for me, and I finally realized it was the shape that I just didn't like on myself. I like a structured bag a lot but I think the structure of the Matinee in particular just doesn't look right on me and is also too stiff for me. Even though it looks fabulous on other girls I see on the street and on here, which is why I am always trying to buy it - LOL!