someone pls clarify if the baby coco cabas comes with a detachable pouch?

  1. specifically the blk baby coco cabs. tks
  2. Yep, it definitely does.
  3. ugh! SA is saying it doesn't. gosh
  4. SA is wrong, it is supposed to have one :yes:
  5. Yes, it definately should.:smile: I purchased a black baby cabas (but ended up returning it to the store) and it had a black detachable pouch included with it.
  6. Yup, my black baby cabas has it too...its actually very cute & handy!
  7. Mine did, too
  8. mine came with it too. that's one of the reason why i liked the baby cabas.
  9. yup, it does. so does the larger cabas.
  10. Yep, it is in quilted satin.
  11. yep baby and larger one both had it. :tup: