someone pleeeeaassse buy the grey stamp bag off let-trade

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  1. I love this bag even though I have yet to see it IRL. I know some people says it looks plastic.....

    Anyway, I love it but don't really have a use for it so I need someone to buy it so I won't be tempted.:devil:
  2. Buy It! ; )
  3. I know it's a beauty! I want someone to get it as well! LOL
    What did that retail for?
  4. I think it was like $2200.00 or something. Why do I like this bag so much?!?
  5. :devil::smash:
  6. Because it's beautiful! I agree with Michelle. YOU really should get it while you have the chance! LOL :nuts:
  7. I really like that bag. Didnt it come in black too? If it were black it would be mine. :P

    Let us know if you get weak and buy it.
  8. You are baaad....very bad. :devil: I am trying to be good. :angel: someone just buy it!!!!!
  9. I think just red and grey.
  10. It came in brown too .. the only issue I had after viewing both the gray & brown was the suede ... I love the shape:heart:
  11. Go ahead:yes: Buy it:P
  12. sorry, you're right, it was brown not red....but it looked more brick, no?

  13. stooooopppp!!! :nuts:

  14. It's BELOW retail and in very good condition. Hehe. :devil:
  15. yes, it's my favorite shape.
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